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My blue sunshine, don't go away

Toriel quietly opened the door to Frisk's room, peeking inside with a little magical flame floating above her palm. She peered at the bed, and was only slightly surprised to see the ruffled sheets empty. Closing the door gently as not to disturb Flowey, the boss monster softly walked to the stairs, and peeked into the living room.

Still no sign of Frisk. Some times, on particularly cold nights, Toriel would find the child sleeping on the floor near the fireplace, enjoying the warmth, soft crackles, and gentle light it gave off. However, this was not the case tonight, and there was only one place left to check.

Tiptoeing with an ease that seemed surprising for such a large monster, the queen crossed the living room and moved into the hallway to Sans's door. Holding her breath, as if fearing her breathing would awaken anybody, she slowly eased the door open, poking her head and hand inside.

The room was a lot cleaner than his old room had been, with only a few clothes on the floor, and actual sheets on the bed. He even had his treadmill off to one side, though his bed was still just the mattress on the floor. It was the bed that Toriel was looking at as she raised the flame slightly.

Sure enough, the skeleton lay under the messy blankets, fast asleep. Laying next to him, Frisk was cuddling into him, the skeleton's arms wrapped loosely around her, their heads resting against each other's. Toriel smiled softly, even if she felt a bit jealous. Frisk didn't come climb in her bed at night, but she wished she would, though she couldn't blame the child for going to Sans.

She had known for some time that the two had a special bond, something deeper than she could really understand. But Sans was very likable, and she trusted him not to hurt Frisk in any way. So long as the child had somebody to lean on, Toriel decided she would be happy for her, even if she herself wasn't that somebody.

She smiled as she backed up and gently closed the door, leaving the room dark once again. Sans peeked an eye open, and pulled the cover up over Frisk's shoulder before shifting a bit to get more comfortable. "your mom came in again," he whispered.

"I know," Frisk mumbled, her fingers wrapped loosely around one of his ribs.

"still ain't told her about the nightmares?"


Sans sighed, drawing the human closer, feeling her cling to him. "she's just worried about you. maybe you should-nah, never mind. ain't my place to tell ya' what to do about that stuff. besides, neither one of us wants to spill about the timelines, and you can't exactly tell Tori what the nightmares are about unless you do."

"She'd worry even more.....if she doesn't stop trusting me first." She held tighter to the skeleton, suddenly trembling in his arms. "I don't want that to happen, Sans."

He held her close, letting her feel a caring pair of arms holding her. "ah, kid, don't do that to yourself," he soothed, running his fingers through her hair. He had to wonder if all humans had a thing for having their hair played with, or if it was just Frisk. "i can't guarantee how she'd react if she knew, but she ain't just gonna throw you away."

She sniffled softly, burying her face into his neck. He sighed, resting his chin on top of her head. "you know, kid, you're starting to spoil me," he joked. "getting all this attention? gee, how am i ever gonna go back to sleeping alone?"

"You don't have to," she replied. "You could always stay here."

The skeleton's smile softened. "i know that i could, but i can't just leave Papyrus all alone. we've lived together our whole lives, i don't think either of us could take living alone. besides, you'll still have Toriel, and Asgore every other month. you'll be alright."

"But I want you here," she insisted.

He sighed, a soft chuckle filling her ears. "get some sleep, kid. we'll talk in the morning."

"Afternoon," she corrected. "You always sleep late on Saturdays."

Sans shook his head. "just go to sleep, you knucklehead."


When morning came, Frisk reluctantly untangled herself from Sans, the blankets, and the sense of comfort they brought. It was a little early, but she wanted to start her chores and maybe surprise Toriel. She didn't like her chores-not that any kid did as far as she knew-but she wanted to show she was more than willing to do things when they were asked of her.

'It is better to look helpful and productive, than to be helpless and a burden.' She'd heard that same line every day for most of her life, and she took it to heart. As much as she didn't want to think of her life before the monsters, many of life's hard lessons had been taught to her in those years. She would remember them, and make sure to never repeat her mistakes.

After pulling on her snow clothes, Frisk hurried outside to the back of the house to the small shed, and grabbed a long pole like looked similar to a hoe, only the 'blade' was made of a longer and thicker piece of wood. It was tool monsters used to knock down icicles hanging from their houses, and knocking them down was one of Frisk's chores.

She closed the shed door, and moved around to the side of the house where the ice was thickest. Lifting the pole up, she whacked the wood against the ice, causing it to crack. A second strike caused it to fall as Frisk stepped back to avoid getting hit. She was somewhat grateful for the chore, it was a good way to work out her mounting frustrations.

Her thoughts went back to a few mornings ago. Everything had been going smoothly since she and Sans had patched things up. Granted it still took a bit of time, but mostly she had been over everything by then. That's what made it all the worse.

Another icicle fell.

Papyrus had been talking about some new anime Alphys had shown him, going on and on about the characters and their romantic struggles while trying to save the world from evil. All typical stuff she had seen in all the other shows the scientist watched. Of course, Sans kept cracking jokes about everything Papyrus said, which had made her and Toriel laugh.

Two smaller icicles broke, falling to the snow.


Frisk had dropped her fork like it was on fire, staring at the skeleton's for a moment, then lied saying her food had been too hot, and asked to be excused. She had spent an hour in the bathroom afterwards, pacing the small space anxiously. Her mind and heart lost in inner turmoil as she came to grips with the reality of the swiftly approaching departure of the brothers.

She furiously whacked at another icicle, hitting it with all her might. It was thick, and would take a lot to break it, but she had the energy for it.  She'd been wanting to get her feelings out, but there was no one she could really trust to tell it to. Besides, she knew what they would say.


It's for the best.


They need their own space.


You'll get sick of living with them.


You can always go visit-they're just down the road from Asgore.

Frisk hammered at the icicle, letting it take the brunt of her rage. She didn't see it cracking through as she had shut her eyes against the falling chips of ice. She didn't see when it came loose, the pointed tip falling straight towards her.


Toriel jerked awake at the sounds of running footsteps hurrying past her room, and the bathroom door slamming shut. The boss monster rubbed her eyes as she got up, slipping her feet into her slipper as she pulled on her housecoat. She paused as she opened the door, frowning at the dirt and snow tracked across the carpet. She marched over to the bathroom door, and rapped her knuckles against it. "Frisk, you'd better clean up this mess when you finish," she called, but stopped as she heard a soft whimper with her keen ears. "Frisk-are you okay? I'm coming in!"

She saw the child at the sink, a rag pressed it her face as she whipped around to face her. The goat-like monster's eyes darted to the sink, seeing swirls of pink on the white porcelain as they made their way down the drain. "Frisk-what happen?!" she exclaimed as she quickly knelt by the child. "Here, let me see it!"

Being as gentle as possible, she carefully lifted the rag, trying to ignore her flinches. A gash ran down the side of her face, narrowly missing the corner of her eye, running from temple to mid-cheek. "Oh my goodness-Frisk!" Toriel exclaimed. "What happened-how did you do this?!"

"A big icicle......" she mumbled, one hand holding onto the counter as she fought back a wave of nausea. "I was knocking them down, and a big one fell on my head."

Toriel wet the rag, then began to tenderly dab the wound. "What we're you thinking? Knocking down icicles by yourself-you could have lost your eye!" Removing the rag, she carefully pressed her fingers to the injuring, her hand giving off a soft orange glow. "I wish healing magic worked well on humans, then I could just fix you right up. But the best I can do is stop the bleeding."

"I'm sorry," Frisk mumbled, cringing slightly as Toriel slowly drew her fingers over the gash, the magic making it scab over almost instantly. "I was trying to surprise you....."

"Well I'm certainly surprised," she stated, cupping her cheeks. "No more icicles. I'll take care of those from now on." She sighed, kissing the human's forehead. "Oh, my poor child. Do you want anything for your head? We have a little medicine Alphys is sure you can take to relieve pain."

Frisk shook her head. "I'm okay," she replied. "I'll go clean up."

Toriel grabbed her shoulders as she tried to move past her. "I'll take care of it. Go lay back down, you look ashen. I'll bring you a drink in a minute."


"Do as I say, Frisk," she coaxed, nudging the child back to her bedroom. "It'll be alright, my sweet."

Having little choice, Frisk pulled off her heavy snow clothes, and climbed into her own bed. It felt empty and lonely, like something was missing. 'Sans won't be here anymore,' she reminded herself. 'You'll have to get used to being alone at night again. He's not gonna be there after the nightmares, you'll have to get through it on your own now. It's back to how it was before.' She whimpered softly into her pillow.

Things always when back to the way they were before.


After a bit of persuading, Toriel finally let Frisk move into the living room to watch TV. She sat on the couch, curled up against the arm as she sipped hot chocolate while watching monster cartoons. She drank slowly, nervous about the slightly unsettled feeling in her stomach. The last thing she wanted was to throw up, and scare Toriel even more than she already had.

She kept the blanket she had snugly around her, resting her head lightly on the pillow, hoping not to aggravate her headache. The human glanced to the kitchen, hearing Toriel moving around as she made breakfast. That meant Papyrus would be up soon, either to help, or be the first to eat, depending on how hungry he was. But that also meant he would be loud, which would make her head pound, and if she was unlucky enough, alert Sans to the issue.

It wasn't something she was looking forward to, but hopefully it wouldn't be as bad as she thought. She turned her attention back to the TV, and tried to get her mind off everything. It was part of what she loved about TV, it ability to take her away from her problems, if only until her eyes left the screen.

Behind her, she heard Papyrus's door open, and braced herself to deal with the upcoming drama.

As she suspected, the skeleton had been loud and concerned for her face. He had even tried to heal her although Toriel had told him it was a wasted effort to try again, but being the sweet skeleton that he was, he refused to give up without even trying. Yet the result had been the same, the mark was still there.

Sans hadn't woken up for breakfast, which he never did on a Saturday. That allowed Frisk to watch her cartoons with Papyrus without having to worry about him. Though that meant she was just putting it off until later. Once the cartoons were over, it was time for Frisk to finish her chores, as was Saturday morning routine. Toriel had reluctantly allowed Frisk to continue, but had asked Papyrus to keep an eye socket on her just to be safe.

Outside, the human decided to begin with shoveling the path from the door while Papyrus went to fetch wood for the fire. Thanks to Toriel's fire magic, they didn't burn nearly as much wood as humans needed to, but they would still need to get more from Asgore's as he was the one who chopped the wood. He had insisted upon it as he didn't seem to trust the overly eager Papyrus to swing an axe.

As she reached the end of the path, shoveling the last bit of snow, Frisk paused to wipe her brow. Her head was starting to hurt more, but she tried to ignore it. With Papyrus helping, she'd get all her chores done faster. All that was left was to pack for her trip to Asgore's to spend the month with him.

She stopped, her hands tightening around the handle of the shovel. That meant the brothers would already be long gone by the time she got back. A sigh escaped her, making her feel deflated as she turned, and headed for the shed to put the shovel away.

"what's with the long face, kid?" She jumped slightly, finding Sans almost directly behind her. His glowing pupils shifted immediately to the gash. "Tori told me you got nailed with an icicle. you feelin' okay?"

"I'm okay. My head just hurts," she replied. It was the truth, but more of a half-truth. There was a lot that was responsible for her obviously sour expression. "I leave tonight....."

The skeleton nodded, ambling after the human as she headed back towards the shed. "Asgore'll probably smother you with attention once he sees that thing," he mused. "he'll try to outdo his usual level of spoiling."

"Maybe," she replied, hanging the shovel on a nail in the wall by its handle. A hand landed on her shoulder, making her pause. She slowly turned to the skeleton, seeing the uncertain smile on his face.

"kid, you really okay? you know you can tell me anything......right?" he said. "i mean, you've been a lot more talkative since we came up here, but lately you ain't been saying much. you're're not still afraid of me......are you?"

She shook her head, then instantly regretted it as it made her vision tilt crazily for a moment. "I'm not scared."

He eyed her a moment, then slowly withdrew his hand. "if you're sure, buddy."


As Sans had predicted, Asgore had gone all out once he seen her face. Normally the big monster treated her delicately, knowing how physically fragile a human could be, and tended to do most things for her. But he had stepped in up a notch and did everything. He did all the chores alone, constantly kept a hot chocolate or chocolate milk in her hands-completely disobeying Toriel's 'twice a day' rule on sugary drinks, and cooked dinner by himself-macaroni and cheese with pea, carrots, and hamburger, Frisk's favorite dish from the king.

Then in the evening, after he had read her a bedtime story, which he insisted upon, and she didn't really mind as she liked listening to the silly voices the large monster managed to make, she had shyly asked to sleep with him. He had been all too eager to have her join him. The good part about sleeping with Asgore was that he was always warm and his soft fur made snuggling a must, the only drawback was his occasional bouts of snoring.

The month seemed to pass quickly, as it always did with Asgore, the days filled with fun and games and the nights with stories, movies, and general bonding. It all made it so easy to forget that home with Toriel wouldn't be the same. But when the last night came and went and it was time to return, she felt reluctant to leave.

As per usual, Toriel greeted her with a warm hug and shooed her to the kitchen for a snack while she spoke with Asgore. Frisk set her bag down on the chair next to hers, and stopped. It would never be Papyrus's chair again, he'd even taken the name tag he'd stuck on the back of it with him.

The snack forgotten, Frisk hurried out of the kitchen, and headed into the hall, opening Sans's door. The room beyond was empty, the furniture he'd brought was gone, the boxes he'd been too lazy to unpack were gone, even the treadmill was gone. All of it, gone. Gone. GONE.

The only thing left, was a pair of socks laying in the middle of the floor.

She shuffled into the room, lowering herself to her knees as she scooped up the socks. They were completely plain, except for his name written on the bottoms in marker. She tucked one into each of her pockets, and quietly moved back into the kitchen to grab her bag. The last thing she wanted was to eat.


The phone rang a few times before someone answered. "Hello?"


"Toriel? What's the matter? You sound upset."

"I am!" she whined. "You won't believe it!"

"What? Are you and Frisk okay?"

She sniffled, rubbing her nose on her napkin, her uneaten dinner sitting in front of her, and Frisk's equally untouched plate across from her. "We.....we had a fight," she whimpered. "I-I don't.....I don't even know what started it! She just-she actually yelled at me-I've never heard Frisk raise her voice before!"

"Oh, Tori, I'm so sorry. I'm sure everything'll work out alright," he assured. "Frisk is a good girl. She was probably just having a bad day. What did you do?"

"Sent her to her room. She didn't even eat anything. Oh she's going to be so hungry later....." she murmured. "Asgore, I don't know what I'm going to do-I can't handle this!"

"You've always hated punishments," he said, a hint of amusement in his voice. "You used to say you wished you could throw those punishments away."

"Of course I want to throw them away-they're completely useless and nothing but a pain in everybody's necks!"

"Grounding a naughty child is hardly painful."

She snorted. "You would think that, wouldn't you? I don't care, I still don't like them and I never will. Nobody deserves such a punishment."

"Well how long are you grounding her?"

"I don't know......I honestly haven't thought of what I want to do."

"What if you had her help Alphys with something? It would be more like a chore, and she could always use some help in her lab. Plus it would get Frisk out and moving instead of staying in her room."

"Oh, now there's a good idea. I could send her off in morning. I doubt anybody would care." She nodded to herself. "Yes, I think I'll do just that. Thanks for the suggestion......and, uh, for listening."

She could all but hear the smile in his voice. "Anything for you, Toriel."


Frisk quietly snuck out of the house that night. She had listened to Toriel on the phone, saying many familiar sounding things. 'I can't handle this', 'they're useless', 'I don't like them'. She knew what those lines meant, she'd heard them enough to understand it.

With a backpack of clothes, money, and a few snacks on her back, the human took to the snowy mountain trail, guided by the beam of her flashlight. It was dark with a cloud passing over the half moon above her head, but Frisk had learned not to be afraid of the dark. Though she was still afraid of what could be hidden in it.

She had one goal in mind; reach the human city in the distance from the mountain. Once she was there, she'd figure something out. There wasn't much she could do for a job there, but she'd at least be able to find a shelter that might help her along.

Clouds of steam formed around her lips as she panted softly as she jogged down the path, her boots sinking nearly three inches in the snow. She held tight to one of the straps of her backpack, occasionally flicking the flashlight's beam into the dark woods on either side of the path, as if it would ward off any unwanted things lurking about. It felt like hours had gone before she passed Asgore's house. She cast it a long look as she hurried by, silently saying goodbye to the fatherly monster. But she shook her head, knowing he wouldn't care after a while, and her departure wouldn't hurt him for long.

As she ran out of breath, Frisk slowed to a walk a few minutes later. She loosened the scarf around her neck, letting some of her body heat escape to cool down a bit. The beam of her flashlight landed on a large shape in the dark, revealing the wood of the newly built home. She'd reached Sans and Papyrus's house.

The human slowed to a stop in front of it, staring up at the windows. A gust of wind blew, whipping up dusting a of snow from the branches above her and the house, the snowflakes glittering in the first rays of moonlight that managed to peek through the clouds since she had left. The human took a step towards the house, her eyes looking longingly at the door, but a weight in her chest forced her to turn, and keep following the trail. There was nothing to be done in that house. It was time to move on, same as always, and she couldn't let herself get drawn in again.

With Determination coursing through her, she quickened her step, and left the house and it's occupants behind.

The night wore on, the wind sweeping up little flurries around Frisk as she walked, her flashlight cutting through the dark like a sword. Her boots crunched in the snow, leaving deep footprints in her wake as she yawned, feeling the weight of sleep beginning to press down on her. She glanced around, shining her light over the area.

It looked like she was about halfway down the mountain, if she was remembering the place correctly. The monsters had gone all the way to the base of the mountain a few times with her, mapping out the path and making plans for future development. A pile of large rocks off to one side definitely looked familiar to her.

She crossed over to them, walking around to the far side, recalling a pocket between the stones that would at least keep the wind off her. Clearing out dead leaves and a bit of snow that had been blown into it, she crawled inside, setting her backpack down behind her as a pillow and turned off her light while she pulled her hands into her sleeves, and wedged them into her pockets. She curled herself up against the cold, and wearily closed her eyes. Once she woke up, she'd finish making it down the mountain and head for the city.

Turning her head slightly, she snuggled into the furry lining of her hood, biting her tongue to hold the urge to cry at bay as she tried to get some rest.


The first thing Frisk became aware of as she began to stir was how warm she felt. She had expected to be chilled, especially her face. But somehow she found that wasn't the case. The second thing she noticed was how comfortable her backpack was as a pillow. Lastly, she liked the way the hand in her hood was playing with her hair.

Her eyes snapped out as the realization dawned on her. She quickly looked up, right into the familiar smile and glowing pupils of Sans. "morning, kiddo," he greeted. "sleep well?"

She immediately sat up, finally noticing that his hoodie had been draped over her, leaving him in just his white turtleneck. He was also leaning back on her bag, and looked content to stay where he was. "so, where you off to?" he asked. Frisk didn't answer, and handed him back the jacket without looking at him. He shrugged. "yeah, guess that's none of my business, is it?"

Frisk held her hand out silently, wanting her backpack. The skeleton lazily looked over his shoulder, then looked back to the human. "mind if I walk with ya' for a bit? might as well see ya' off since you're leaving."

He wasn't going to hand it over, that much she knew. So she nodded, and stood up, brushing herself off as he climbed to his feet as well. The skeleton pulled on his hoodie, and slung the bag over his shoulder, holding it by the straps. He gestured with a boney hand. "lead the way, buddy."

They set off together, with Frisk walking a few steps ahead of Sans. The human didn't speak, but Sans looked around, appearing to be enjoying the scenery. "bet this'll all look nice in spring," he commented. "maybe you should come back and visit so you can see it for yourself."

He waited, but got no reply. Though it wasn't what he wanted, he had expected it. Frisk was a master of the cold shoulder and the silent treatment. He recalled the time Undyne had played a prank on her that had gone a bit too far, and ruined a gift Frisk had been working hard on to give to Toriel for her birthday. The kid had driven the fish-woman crazy with her complete lock-out, and it didn't end until Undyne-THE Undyne-had publicly apologized.

The skeleton chuckled at the memory, earning a slight glance out of the corner of Frisk's eye. "i was just thinking of that time Undyne messed with you. i still can't believe she shouted her apology out loud in the middle of Tori's party. she really cares about you if she was willing to do that."

He was greeted by more deafening silence. "c'mon, kid. why don't you talk to me?" he asked. "if i gotta go the rest of my life without ya', at least give me something to remember you by."

She stopped abruptly, her hands balled up into fists as they trembled. "What do you want, Sans? You can't make me go back."

"i know, and i don't wanna try-that'd just make you wanna leave even more," he replied. "i just......i wanna know why. that ain't too much to ask, is it? i thought you were happy here, that you liked living with all of us. wish i had known, then maybe i could've fixed it-"


Sans stared in shock. He'd never heard Frisk yell before-and boy what a yell it was! Clearly there was more going on than he could see. "then tell me," he insisted. "give me an idea, kid. what's going on?"

She spun back around, marching off as she rapidly blinked the tears away. This wasn't something she talked about-ever. She didn't need pity, and she'd been just fine on her own before the monsters, and she'd been just fine again without them.

A hand met her chest, forcing her to haul. He had somehow gotten in front of her. "kid, you ain't getting out of this until you talk to me. is it nightmares? the other timelines? you know that stuff d-"

"It's not that," she replied, her voice breaking. "I don't wanna talk about it."

"you obviously need to," he coaxed, gingerly brushing her hair behind her ear. "c'mon, buddy. you gotta know i don't want you to disappear on me. just tell me, and.....and if you still wanna go, i'll take you where you wanna be. deal?"


"cross my bones and hope to fly."

She lowered her head, clenching fistfuls of her pants. " parents didn't want me. They threw me away when I was a baby, left me at a hospital." She sniffled, covering her eyes as the tears fought their way free. "I've had eight foster families.....they all sent me back!"

Sans's pupils shrank to pinpricks of light. "wh-what....?"

Frisk swallowed hard. "I heard my guardians Mr. And Mrs. Lee talking about it a while back. We all get a month trial period to see if we like each other, but all the families I went wanted a different kid-they told them they didn't like that I don't talk much, that I don't play with the other kids, that they-"

The skeleton snatched her forward by the front of her jacket, clutching her to him. He shook as he all but crushed her to him. "shut up, i can't take listening to another word of that crap!" he hissed, florescence blue tears streaking down his cheekbones and dripping onto her hair. "do you think we don't want you? that we wouldn't care if you left? what the hell would put such a boneheaded idea into your skull?!"

"T-Toriel said-"

"i don't care, Frisk!" he exclaimed. "even if by some twisted joke that true, i want you, and i ain't letting go until you realize that!"

She hiccuped, resting her head helplessly on his shoulder. "I was so excited about my first family. I loved them so much......I can't care about anybody that much hurts so much when they leave you behind."

"then how do you think i feel?! i don't even have a heart, but you're sure as hell ripping something out of me!" he stated. "Frisk......i love you, and.....i can't just let you leave like this. this last month without you, it sucked big time. i couldn't believe how used to living with you i already was-i actually woke up the other day and turned over to talk to you because i didn't want to get up yet......and when i didn't see you, i had to remind myself you weren't there anymore. i laid there for another three hours just staring at the ceiling before Papyrus came to get me."

He buried his face into her hair. "i hate making promises, but this one i wanna make. i promise i'll never stop loving ya', kid. i'll never stop wanting you around."

She cried softly into his shoulder, holding him tight. "Sans, I wanna go home."

He huffed softly, petting her hair. "you already are home, buddy."


"SANS, WOULD YOU HURRY UP?" Papyrus huffed, balancing a stack of colorfully wrapped presents in his arms as he walked up the path to Asgore's front door. "WE'RE LATE AND I NEED YOU TO OPEN THE DOOR!"

"just knock with your foot, bro," he said, holding only a small box in his hand.

"I AM NOT KICKING THE KING'S DOOR, LAZYBONES!" The door suddenly opened, and Papyrus peeked through the stack of gifts. "OH THANK GOODNESS-THANKS FOR GETTING THE DOOR, UNDYNE!"

"No problem. We could hear you coming from down the road," she stated, grabbing some of the gifts. "One of these better be for me!"


"Good, because I'd pop off your legs and use them in fencing practice with the kid," she said as they all moved inside. "Speaking of which-HEY PUNK! THE BONEHEADS ARE HERE!"

They turned as they heard footsteps running from the kitchen. The human came sliding around the corner in a pair of socks with faded marker writing on the bottoms and a beaming smile. Sans couldn't help a bigger smile than usual. It had been nearly a year since the kid had tried to run, and she seemed to have changed so much in that time.

She grabbed both of the skeletons in a hug, squeezing them tight. "I missed you guys!" she exclaimed, then grabbed their arms, tugging them to the living room. "Sit down-we're about to start presents! We were waiting for you!"


Sans grinned. "yeah, they were really looking forward to your 'presents', bro."


"what? do you already want to 'wrap this up'?"


Frisk laughed, and hurried back towards the kitchen. "I'll get your cocoa."

The monsters all gathered together in the living room around the roaring fire, exchanging gifts and laughs. Sans pulled out his present from Frisk, a long dark blue scarf. "thanks, kid," he said as he unfolded it. "it looks g-" He froze, finding words stitched into the fabric in a pale sky blue.

'You are my Sunshine

My only Sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are grey

You'll never know, Dear

How much I love you

Please don't take my Blue Sunshine away'

Beneath the words was a sun, made of hearts and bones. He looked up as Frisk was opening his gift to her, a locket with his and Papyrus's pictures in it. Watching her face light up seemed to warm his very soul. "Oh Sans-I love it!" She suddenly leaned over, and firmly kissed his cheek.

The whole room seemed to have stopped, all eyes staring at them. The silence was broken by Undyne, who began to laugh obnoxiously loud. "He's blushing-his whole face is turning blue!"

The skeleton quickly collected himself, and using his magic, hit the fish-woman's forehead with a ball of wrapping paper. She blinked, then grinned. "Oh, it's is so ON!"




"You awake?"


"Sans!" Frisk giggled. After the festivities had ended, the human had gone back with the skeleton brothers to their home. She had once again taken up residence in the older brother's bed.

He chuckled, peeking an eye open. "whatcha want, kid?" he asked, idly stroking his fingers through her hair. It had grown almost to her shoulders since her last haircut, and he found he like this look.

"Nothing really. I just can't sleep."

"aren't kids suppose to find it hard to sleep before a holiday?" he teased, turning onto his side as he pulled her closer. "is this better?"

"Yeah," she replied, wiggling closer. "Thank you for my present."

He huffed. "that's the third time you've thanked me since bedtime."

"Well it's pretty!"

Sans shook his head. "well, i sure liked my gift too," he replied. "but why did you put 'Blue Sunshine'? is it because of my magic?"

She giggled. "No~"

"my hoodie?"


"then what?"

The human lifted her head, and kissed his teeth. She smiled as a blush crept across his face. "Because of your blush."

He laughed, and pulled up her shirt to attack her sides. "you sneaky little noodle!" She squealed and laughed, trying in vain to wiggle away from his teasing fingers. "oh no you don't! you ain't getting away from me, bucko!"

The door to the room suddenly opened as Papyrus poked his head into the room, having been secretly playing with his new action figures when he'd heard the noise. He gasped, and raced over to the bed, carefully throwing himself into the mix. "FEAR NOT, HUMAN! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, SHALL SAVE YOU!"

Frisk laughed as the brothers rolled off onto the floor, playfully wrestling. It was funny to watch Sans constantly slip free of Papyrus's grasp, and try to drag him down with his full weight on his shoulders. The human jumped on top the larger brother, shouting "Dog pile!"

"DOG?! WHERE?!" Papyrus exclaimed, wildly looking around.

Sans leaped on him, using himself and Frisk to take his brother down. "well 'dog' gone, Pap, it looks like you've taken quite a 'licking' there, bro."


"you're smiling~"


Frisk giggled, and hugged the two skeletons. Somehow, despite the odds, Frisk had found the courage to let others back into her heart, and she knew that she would never be cast aside again. Now she had a family, friends, and a home, and it was all thanks to her Blue ray of Sunshine guiding her through the dark.
My blue sunshine, don't go away
A continuation of The warmth of affection. This is more Sans-Frisk fluff, and a peek into my personal headcannon for Frisk's pre-fall life.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

The story belongs to me
Dirty Friend Killer: End Game Over


Frisk's tears fell uncontrollably down her face as she held the skeleton in her arms. His white turtleneck was stained with a splotch of red around the jagged cut in his bones. People wouldn't think a skeleton could bleed, but bones were filled with marrow that made blood, though skeletons didn't bleed much. But to Frisk, it looked like a fountain of red as she firmly pressed her hand to the wound.

Sans's glowing pupils flickered in and out, like lightbulbs ready to blow. He rested a hand on the back of hers, his ever present smile tired and worn. "looks like.....i have to.....break my promise, kid," he murmured, struggling to find enough energy to speak. "guess i won't......still be watch your back....."

"NO No no no......" she sobbed. "Don't leave me-don't leave me alone!" She hung her head, resting her forehead on his, her tears dripping onto the rim of his sockets and falling down his cheekbones, making it look as though he too were crying. In his soul, he really was crying.

The kid would be by herself again, and he wouldn't be there to protect her. Even his brother couldn't help her. The only good thing he could think of was that at least he'd be with his brother again soon. A short distance away, a red scarf sat in a pile of dust; it was all that remained of Papyrus.

Sans slowly raised a hand, resting it on Frisk's hair. How had it gotten so long again? Hadn't he just gotten the kid a pixie hair cut a few months ago? Boy, she sure seemed to grow like a weed.

"it's gonna be okay, F-Frisk," he muttered softly. "i'll see you again.......just remember......i'm always with you......stay Determined." His eyes faded, the tips of his fingers crumbling to dust. "hang on, Pap......see you soon......"

Frisk watched in muted horror as the monster dissolved in her embrace, the dust settling in the old blue hoodie the skeleton had always worn. Her hands shook as she touched the grey remains of her best friend, her fingers clenching it against her palm. The human threw her head back and screamed, the sound so inhuman, full of rage and heartbreak.

She had lost everything in one fell swoop. Her home, her friends, the two she called brothers. Gone. Snatched away by the knife of another human.


Frisk look down at the jacket, and slowly lifted it, pressing her tear streaked face into the fur-lined hood. It still smelled like Sans, the odd aroma of ketchup, grilled hot dogs, and evergreen pine. That smell had been so familiar to her, so comforting since she had started living with the brothers. It was all that was left of Sans, his lingering imprint on the world.

She slipped it on, ignoring the dust that settled on her own clothes as she moved over to the scarf. It seemed to coil around her neck on its own as she tossed it around her shoulders, the smell of tomato sauce and burnt pasta teasing her nose. The brothers were gone, but that didn't mean they weren't still with her.

Frisk looked down at the drying blood on her hand, dust coating the red in a layer of grey. She slowly clenched her fists, squeezing her eyes shut as she willed the tears away. Sobbing would do her no good right now, and without Sans and Papyrus around, she would have to finish what they had started, and protect Asgore.

A red, glowing wisp seeped out from under her lashes, flickering like flames as she could almost feel a pair of hands take each of hers. Opening her eyes, the human glared in the direction the other human had gone, and walked in the opposite direction. "Time for a shortcut."


Chara ran into the golden hall, slightly out of breath. Undyne hadn't gone down easily, but it had been so much fun stabbing her other eye out and forcing her to fight blind! Though she had been surprised to fight her so late in the timeline, but then again so many things had been unusual in this one. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise.

A figure stepping out from behind a pillar made the human skid to a stop. Hadn't she already killed the short skeleton? How could he still be here to fight her? Oh well, she didn't mind killing him again. More fun for her.

However, upon a closer inspection, she realized it wasn't a skeleton at all. It was the other human. The goodie-goodie Pacifist, wearing the lazy one's jacket and the tall one's scarf. This was very unexpected.

Frisk looked at her bloodthirsty counterpart. Almost nothing about them was the same, and yet the two were always compared and grouped together. They were like the faces of a coin, destined to be stuck to each other.

Chara's hair was cut clean and straight, her sweater green with a single yellow stripe. Frisk's hair had a natural look to it, the ends slightly shagging, while her sweater was blue with a pair of pink stripes. Both of them glared at each other, their eyes red.

"Now this is different," said Chara, twirling the knife. "You and I never get to fight like this. Are you gonna try to stop me from killing Asgore instead of the boney halfwit?"

Frisk smirked, cocking her head to one side, looking as nonchalant as Sans. "Try to stop you? Oh no, I won't waste my time on that," she replied, and took a hand from her pockets. Bones materialized in the air around her, most of the white. A few were oddly red. "I'm just gonna rip your guts out!"

Chara's eyes widened as an etherial wind seemed to whip around the other human, her hair, scarf, and jacket billowing as she launched the bones at her, both of their souls appearing in front of their chests. She ducked and dodged, a few bones making contact, whittling away at her health. A red bone slammed into the side of her head, knocking her head over heels.

She pushed herself up as she reached into her pocket, shoving food into her mouth. However, she froze.

[HP: 82/92]

"What?!" she gasped. "But that should have fully healed me!"

Frisk chuckled. "Oh? You weren't expecting that? Guess nobody ever told you about Red Attacks-seeing as they're my specialty. You see, if you get hit with a Red Attack, your HP meter won't turn back to yellow for ten points per hit," she explained, snapping her fingers, summoning a pair of gasterblasters. "And when you die by a Red Attack, you stay dead. No more Saves, no more Files. No. More. Resets! So let's go, Dirty Friend Killer!"

The hall rang with blasts and crashes, pillars chipping and cracking, windows shattering. Bones flew, skulls blasted, a knife flashed. Neither side was willing to relent, the stakes set too high to be set aside casually like all the times before.

Then, it happened. A bone struck Chara's forehead, knocking the human onto her back, her soul fading from view. The fight was over.

Frisk panted heavily, sweat dripping from her brow, cuts coving her body, bleeding freely. She sighed softly, tucking her hands in her pockets as she slowly walked past the other human, leaving the body for someone else do deal with. Right now, she wanted to go home to Snowdin, and be surrounded by the memories of her friends while she grieved.

Maybe she would Reset, just one more time. She'd promised she wouldn't. But surely Sans would forgive her if she-

A choked gasp flew from her lips as the knife sank into her back, and twisted. Chara laughed behind her. "If I'm gonna die-you're coming with me!"

Feeling her strength fading, Frisk jerked away, the blade slipping free as she spun, summoning another gasterblaster. Her soul blazed as the skull opened its jaws, and fired at point blank range, turning Chara to ash before it too dissolved. Frisk coughed, blood gushing from her mouth as she collapsed on the floor.

She went numb, strangely unafraid as she began to drown in her own blood.  Maybe she should-no, this would be better in the end. She would let herself fade, she couldn't face another timeline, and a power like hers didn't belong in the world. Not when it could create beings like Chara.

A bright light suddenly appeared above her, almost blinding her. Was that 'The Light' she heard people talk about? Strange, it didn't look inviting like she thought, more of annoyingly harsh on her eyes.

Something moved in front of it, crouching down in front of her. A familiar smile widened slightly. "hey, buddy, ya' miss me?" Sans asked gently, holding out his hand to her. "c'mon, kid. everyone's waiting for us. it's time to go home."

Frisk smiled, grabbing his hand as he helped her to her feet. She didn't hurt anymore, she realized, and all the blood was gone. But she didn't care about that. Her grip on his boney hand tightened as he gave her a gentle tug, and hand in hand, they disappeared into the light.
Dirty Friend Killer: End Game Over
This one-shot was inspired by :iconqueensdaughtersplz: 's Dirty Friend Killer-the attached image above. The setting is that after living with Sans and Papyrus for a while, the two are murdered by Chara, and Frisk, having lost everything, seeks revenge. She gains their magic-in my own personal theory-from their dust and the articles of clothing they cherished in life. I warn you that I suck at action scenes so I focused more on emotions.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

Link to the awesome and inspirational piece.…

I own the story only.
The warmth of affection

'You did it, didn't you?'

It wasn't me this time!

'I'm gonna destroy you!'

I'm sorry-I didn't want to do it before!

'You killed Papyrus!'

He was my friend-you're my friend! Please, forgive me!

'It's over, dirty brother killer!'

Frisk bolted upright with a shrill scream. She reflexively slapped her hands over her mouth, finishing the cry into her palms to muffle it. Her heart was hammering, her body trembling with a cold sweat, her breath coming in sharp gasps.

The nightmares kept coming back. Night after night, she had been plague with the terrible visions. They started different, but ended the same. Sometimes she'd be fighting Undyne, and killing her. Other times it was Toriel or Mettaton or Asgore, and even Papyrus.

Yet the end was always the most frightening. Forced to face the chilling cold blooded rage of a heartbroken brother, she would find herself fighting Sans, and he would rip her apart without a shred of mercy. She had been afraid of many things in her dreams before, but this fear seemed to follow her into the waking world.

She looked to Flowey, who was thankfully a heavy sleeper due to the cold winter weather, even with his space heater blowing on him. Shivering as she suddenly remember the chill in the air, she pulled the covers back up, and ducked down into them until only her face was exposed as she turned to face the wall. Frisk curled up, rubbing their fuzzy sock covered feet together to warm her cold toes as her mind unwantingly replayed the images of her dream.

It made a soft whimper bubble up from her chest. She knew it had once been real, she was no fool. The timelines were all real, but she couldn't remember when each one had taken place, so it was hard to tell when she had done those terrible things. It could have been two times before, or ten. It could have been the last one before the current timeline.

Either way, she hadn't been able to look at Sans for a few weeks, and she wouldn't allow herself to be alone with him anymore either. The other day he had tried to hand her a dinner plate, she had thought it was Toriel passing it to her. Needless to say the plate broke when in hit the floor. Thankfully Toriel had assumed she had been embarrassed and upset over the shattered china rather than trying to get away from Sans.

She even found it difficult to touch Papyrus when Sans was around, a voice in the back of her mind telling her he would become aggressive if her murdering hands were on his brother. The taller skeleton didn't seem to notice her change in behavior, and for that she was grateful. But Toriel appeared to suspect something, yet that shouldn't be a surprise, seeing as mothers tend to notice tiny changes in their children.

Sighing softly, Frisk half-buried her face into her pillow, hoping to get back to sleep. Tomorrow was another long day of chores. Gathering wood, shoveling snow off the path, knocking down icicles, and doing it all over again at Asgore's. Frisk just hoped she could count on Sans to slack off, and disappear for the day.


"Frisk.....? Wake up, my child." A warm hand brushed over the human's cool brow, smoothing back her hair. "Good morning, sleepy head. Breakfast is almost ready."

She yawned, blinking tiredly as she looked up at Toriel. "Morning," she croaked, her throat feeling raw and scratchy. "I'll be ready in a bit."

The goat-like monster frowned in concern. "Baby, are you feeling okay? You look so tired." She stroked Frisk's cheek softly. "Maybe you should stay in bed today."

Frisk shook her head, and then sat up. "I'm fine, it was just a little chilly last night," she lied. "Could I get another blanket tonight, if we have one?"

Toriel smiled, and nodded, petting her hair. "Of course we have more blankets. Can't let my favorite little Frisk freez." She kissed her nose, and nuzzled her, making the human smile. "Alright, you get dressed while I finish breakfast. Remember, dress warm—snow pants, sweater, and thick socks with your snow boots. You left your jacket and such by the front door like I asked, didn't you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good, you'll want to wear your gloves and scarf as well as your hat today. It's the coldest day we've had yet."

Frisk nodded as she closed the door, and then sighed as she forced herself to slip out from under her warm blankets. The carpet felt cool even through her socks were warm, so she rushed to her closet, throwing dark blue snow pants and green sweaters on the bed as she grabbed a plain white shirt. She hastily threw off one set of clothes, and quickly pulled on the next, then changed her socks before pulling on her fuzzy slippers. Her snow boots were by the front door, she'd pull them on after she ate, but the slippers would at least keep her feet off the floor.

Moving over to the desk, she opened the drapes, and turned on a heat lamp, aiming it at the flower in the pot. She leaned over, kissing the top of his head, and hurried into the bathroom down the hall from her room for his morning water. Knowing Flowey hated the cold; she waited until the sink water was warm, then carried the small plastic watering can back to her room, and slowly poured it over his roots.

The flower shuddered, and slowly opened his petals, groaning softly. He looked bleary eyed and almost dazed, but sighed as the warm water soaked into his roots. Frisk smiled, and gently stroked the top of his head with a finger. "Good morning," she whispered, to which he gave an incoherent reply in the form of slurred mumblings. "I've got to go out to Dad's today, but Mom promised to turn your heater down so you don't wilt."

Flowey swayed slightly, grunting his more than likely vague acknowledgement. Frisk had asked about the flower's strange behavior, having been concerned for him. Asgore said it was the cold weather, as most plants don't actually die in winter, but go into a form of hibernation to save their roots and bulbs from the cold. Since Flowey wasn't a normal flower, they assumed the chill in the air was the cause of his sluggish stage.

With the flower tended to, Frisk headed downstairs. Her room and Toriel's were upstairs along with the bathroom, while the brothers were in the two spare rooms near the living room, kitchen, and Toriel's office. The office was set behind the kitchen down a short hallway, which was where the door to San's room was. She hadn't been down that hall since the nightmares had started.

She hurried across the living room to the kitchen, and paused in the doorway. Toriel was standing at the stove with Papyrus on one side........and Sans at the table on the other end. "Go ahead and sit down, honey," said Toriel, filling up a plate in Papyrus's hands. "Do you want milk or juice?"

"I'll get it," she insisted quietly as she moved over to the fridge, trying her best to ignore the short skeleton's gaze on her back.


She paused, glancing at him as she pulled out the pitcher of milk. "Sledding.....?"

"don't you remember kid?" asked Sans, her muscles tensing. "we promised to blow off chores to go sledding before we head to Asgore's."

Frisk looked to Toriel instead of the skeleton. The boss monster nudged Papyrus towards the table with the serving plate full of food. "You must still be a bit sleepy," she said, taking the milk to pour in a glass for her. "I said you could take the morning for yourselves since Asgore asked you to help bring up the next shipment of building supplies." She handed Frisk the glass, and walked her to the table. "As much as we enjoy having Sans and Papyrus here, I'm sure they'll still want their own house built soon."


The goat-like monster nodded as she sat down. "Then eat up so you can go play," she said, and pointed her fork at Frisk. "Remember what I said; you stay close to everyone on the walk to and from the entrance. The weather is still unpredictable until Alphys can start launching weather balloons, and it'll be getting dark on your way back."

Frisk nodded, nibbling on the pancake-wrapped sausages, stirring the puddle of syrup on her plate. It was hard to focus on her food, with a fresh nightmare on her mind, and the fact she had forgotten about today. Not only would she have to go sledding with the brothers, she'd be stuck on a four hour round trip with them.

Today just wasn't her day.


Their sleds were actually not typical human style sleds—but they were 'monster typical' from what Papyrus said. They were round metal sheets like shallow bowls with a pair of handles on each side. Since they would be going to Asgore's directly after sledding, they had picked a hill near his house. It was modestly steep, and had a decent stretch of open ground at the base before it led off into the trees.

Papyrus hadn't even stopped as they reached the top, the tall skeleton had simply held his sled in front of him, and leaped onto it, sailing on down the snowy hillside with a whoop of delight. At the bottom, he turned, waving his arms. "SLIDE DOWN, FRISK!" he called. "ITS SO MUCH FUN—THE SNOW IS PERFECT!"

Sans chuckled as he came up behind the human. "what a nerd," he said affectionately. "welp, 'snow' day like today, kid. you going down?"

Normally, the bad pun would have made her snicker, but not now. Instead, she set her sled down and climbed on, preparing to shove off with her hands. That was, however, until she froze at the pair of hands on her back. Papyrus was still making his was up the deep snow on the hill, so there was only one logical explanation. "you want me to give ya' a push, buddy?" Sans asked. The skeleton waited for a response, but noticed the human shaking under his touch. "you cold already, kid? maybe you should go inside if you're freezing."

"I'm fine." By some miracle, her voice didn't break. "I can push myself."


Frisk jerked and turned to look at Sans, leaning forward slightly. She realized too late it was a mistake. The shift in weight on the sled made it tip forward, and Frisk's full weight fell forward. The sled shot down the hill, picking up speed as Frisk clung to the edges, laying almost flat on her back. Something hard under the snow hit the sled, throwing it up into the air like a stone skipping across a pond, tossing her off course and sending her straight into the trees, heading right for one of the thick trunks.

Frisk shut her eyes as she passed under the branches, knowing what was coming. She just hoped she wouldn't get hurt too badly. It would upset Toriel, and she wouldn't be able to help Asgore.

The sled jerked to a stop, short and sudden, but it had barely been a bump. Surely she'd been going fast enough to be thrown from the sled when she hit a tree. She peeked an eye open, and slowly turned.

"kid, didn't you know it's cheating to start before somebody says go?" Sans joked. He was leaning back against a tree, hands in his pockets, and his slipper-covered foot resting on the rim of the sled. "but i've 'sled' it before, you're good at doing things your own way."

Frisk scrambled up, heart still hammering from the terrifying ride. "Thanks, Sans," she murmured, picking up her sled, setting it between them, almost like a shield.

"just be careful, kiddo, Tori'll have my skull if i let something happen to ya'," he replied as Papyrus came running under the trees.


She smiled, finding his sweetness and innocence to be charming. "I think I like that idea."

The tall skeleton beamed, and scooped her up, setting her on his shoulders before grabbing her sled. "THEN UP WE GO TO CONQUER THE HILL!"

Sans watched them go, his usual smile fading. He'd seen the way the kid had looked at him just before she fell. He'd noticed the way she had begun to avoid him, the way she stiffened whenever she saw him, avoiding eye contact, refusing to touch him. Normally Frisk was a very affectionate and loving kid; always silently asking for hugs, making herself at home in any lap or against any shoulder, holding everybody's hands when they walked beside her.

But now, it was like he was a stranger to her, and not a very welcomed one, either. What had changed all of a sudden? His left iris flickered blue as he tried to think of all the reasons, but his mind only came back to one, and it was what he had been afraid of.

Frisk was starting to remember the timelines.


At the entrance to the Underground, Greater Dog had met them to deliver the supplies. He had barked excitedly at Frisk, nuzzling the human, begging for attention. She had giggled and eagerly gave it, petting the large armored canine before Asgore had called for her to hurry. The supplies were on a trailer, stacked taller than even Asgore, who was pulling the trailer with ease, and strapped down with bungee cords.

Frisk hurried along after them, her breath coming out in puffs of steam around her lips, her boots squeaking and slipping slightly on the small patches of ice on the trail. Asgore wore no armor, but instead wore clothes that made her think of a lumberjack; dark tan overalls, huge brown boots, a red and black plaid flannel shirt, and a beanie with two button-up flaps to go around the base of his horns. Once again she marveled at his strength, having little difficulty realizing how strong a king he really was, and wondered why he needed her to come along on these trips.

She adjusted the straps of the backpack she now wore, remembering what his answer had always been. He wanted her company, and she would be in charge of carrying their snacks. The gentle giant of a monster had packed freshly made grilled cheese and brownies for the trek. He wasn't as good a cook as Toriel and his tasks often left a big mess behind, but at least he was better than Undyne. Frisk was still tasting cardboard after her last dinner with the fish-woman.

She decided to take in the scenery as they walked, half-listening to Asgore and Papyrus as they rambled on about a dozen or so topics. Sans was walking on the other side of the trailer, seemingly doing the same thing she was. He hadn't spoken to her since the near crash with the sled, and he had seemed distracted at Asgore's as they had taken a few minutes to drink hot chocolate before heading out.

'Does he know I remember? Does HE remember?' The human swallowed hard at the idea. If he knew what she'd done—oh, that wasn't going to end well at all. But it wasn't like she could blame him, or expect anything less. After all, he still hadn't forgiven Flowey, and Flowey hadn't killed everyone!

A cold touch on her nose drew her out of her thoughts. Looking up, she saw the sky growing dark, snowflakes falling rapidly from the enormous clouds rushing over their heads. "It's going to snow heavily!" said Asgore. "Let's hurry—If we move fast enough we might beat the worst of the storm. It'll take days to clear the snow enough to get through if we don't make it in time! If we can make it to the half point we can stay in the shelter!"

As if the trailer weighed nothing, the large monster dug in his feet and moved swiftly along the trail. They all jogged alongside it, hoping to reach safety before the wrath of winter was upon them. The shelter was actually a large pocket in the side of a slope, and offered protection from the elements. They had used it on trips as a rest stop, but now they would need it for a more important reason.

As they rushed down the trail, Frisk kept slipping on the seemingly growing patches of ice. It seemed she was the only one affected by it, as she hadn't seen Asgore or Papyrus slide on any of it, and she still couldn't see Sans. She tried to be more careful, worrying about twisting an ankle or banging a knee if she fell wrong. It would upset Toriel, and she was afraid she might blame Asgore for it.

The snow started coming down hard, turning most of the surrounding area completely white, making it hard to see. Now they had no choice but to reach the shelter, otherwise they'd all freeze. A cry drew Frisk's eyes away from the whiteness ahead just in time to see Asgore fall, sliding on the ice as the trail dipped down into a slight slope.

The trailer slid, the slick ground combined with its forward momentum propelling it onward. It fishtailed, the rear swinging wildly, throwing the supplies back and forth. Papyrus was the first to respond. Using his magic, he grabbed the trailer, his powers slowing it as it swung back towards him and Frisk.

A series of loud and rapid snaps rang out, the bungee cord hooks breaking. His magic had only grabbed hold of the trailer, leaving the supplies to be slung violently, their weight breaking the restraints. Frisk's eyes widened as the wall of wood, brick, metal, and cement fell towards her. She didn't have time to escape, and the ground was so slippery she'd likely fall before she even turned fully around.

A figure in blue slid in front of her before she could blink, lifting a glowing hand. The tumbling building material froze in midair, held up by more Blue Magic. Sans turned, his left eye blazing in the fading light and blinding snow, his gaze seeming to bore into her very soul. "you okay, kid?" he called over the howling wind.

Frisk didn't see snow, or ice, or wooden beams. She saw a golden hall, floating bones, dragon skulls. Some form of self-preservation kicked, screaming at her.

'He's gonna kill you. RUN!'

The human spun, slipping on the ice before finding traction, and bolted off the path. "FRISK!" Sans shouted, watching her vanish in the snow.

"SANS—THE TRAILER!" Papyrus yelled, drawing his attention back to the emergency at hand. It was starting to slip, his brother's magic struggling to hold such a load on slipper, uneven ground. He could care less about the supplies, but if they let go, Asgore would be crushed.

'hang on, kid, i'm coming.'


In her mad dash through the snow, Frisk vaguely remembered the branches grabbing at her, tearing off her hat, snatching her scarf, and ripping holes in her knitted gloves. She fell over and over, ripping the knees of her pants open on hidden rocks and chunks of ice in the snow. But Determination kept getting her back up.

That, and a healthy dose of fear for her life.

She knew Sans had killed her before—so many times she recalled him saying he'd lost count. He was going to do it again, kill her for being a murderer. She could hardly blame him, but she wanted to live!

Maybe this was it. Had her time with the monsters come to an end? She didn't want to leave Toriel, she'd be heartbroken. Flowey still needed her—who else would try to help him? Everyone else had given up!

But she couldn't face Sans again. Despite her fear of him, she knew she still loved him. During everything in the Underground, he'd been there, even if she hadn't always seen him. Not even Toriel had done that. After she had left her, no matter when or how many times she'd called, the goat-like monster had never answered. Even if she'd been the reason why Sans had helped her, it had still been him, not her, who was there.

To Frisk, being there meant something. Nobody had ever been there for her like Sans had. By the end of her journey, having him there to greet her before she faced Asgore had given her far more than just Determination. It had given her hope, and courage. It made her feel......loved, that on some level that lazy, pun-loving, kind hearted skeleton cared about her.

But that was all gone now, she finally knew better. He hadn't been there for any reason other than Toriel's promise, and that made her betrayal hurt all the more. Sans had already known what she was, he had just been doing his real friend a favor.

Frisk tripped again, a root hooking her foot. She gasped, feeling something twist wrong as she fell face first into the snow. She shivered, finally feeling the cold as she slowly sat up.

What was the point of running, anyway? Sans was magic. He'd find her anywhere she went. All she had done was create more work for him in her impromptu dash through the woods in a blizzard. At least the snow wasn't as bad under the trees.

She tried to get up, gasping as her ankle screamed in protest. So much for not twisting an ankle. Frisk looked around, hoping to find a good stick somewhere. But with snow coating everything, she didn't see any.

But she wasn't one to give up. She was Determined, after all. Scooting back to the nearest tree, Frisk leaned heavily on it as she struggled to her feet, cringing as she kept putting a bit too much weight on her ankle. Once up on her feet, the human slowly began to limp on.

She didn't know where she was going, or why she was still going if Sans would find her. Maybe her soul just wasn't ready to give in and it was compelling her onward. The reasons didn't really matter, she just didn't want to think about Sans or her ankle, and focusing on moving helped.

The snap of a thick branch made her freeze. Her heart started to hammer as she slowly looked back. She half expected to see him there, holding out his hand like during their first meeting.

But the skeleton wasn't there. Instead, a large dark shape moved towards her, breathing heavily, giving a low growl. A soft whimper escaped her as she stumbled back against another tree. That sound was familiar.

A bear.

Toriel had given her a lesson on forest creatures a short while back. Apparently while most bears hibernated in winter, sometimes when they didn't get fat enough to sleep through the cold, they stayed out to keep eating. Frisk suddenly regretted her job of being the snack carrier. But maybe that could buy her time.

As the bear drew closer, she hastily tore open the bag, and threw the sandwiches and brownies as far away from herself as possible. The bear grunted in surprise, and pounced on the food, tearing open the thin plastic bags. Seizing her chance, Frisk quickly began to limp away, hopping from trunk to trunk while trying to put distance between them. Maybe if she could—

She was knocked off her feet as something slammed into her back. The sounds of snarling and fabric ripping filled her ears as the bear shook her around by her jacket, tearing it open. She screamed as it tossed her around like a doll, throwing her as the back of her jacket ripped free.

The human landed roughly in the snow, and turned over. Stuffing from her coat fell out of the bear's mouth as it spat out the inedible cotton, then marched towards her with a growl. Frisk scrambled back, crying out as her ankle burned. The bear pounced—


The beast yelped in pain as something hit its head, and landed in the snow. Frisk glanced at it, her eyes going wide. A bone stood up out of the snow before dissolving away. She looked back just in time to see a blue glow surround the bear just before it was hurtled through the air, and thrown into a tree.

"looks like you pick the wrong human, buddy," said Sans, his left eye like a blue flame in his skull. "that's my Frisk."

The human turned, watching the bear as it limped away into the strengthening blizzard. Apparently it didn't want to pick a fight with Sans. Smart bear.

A hand landed on her shoulder, making her jump. "you okay, kid?" he asked softly, his usual grin replaced with a mask of concern. "you scared the white off my bones running off like that—and when i heard you scream......geeze i thought the worst!"

The wind tore through the trees, biting at her skin through her sweater, making her shiver. Sans pulled off his jacket, and wrapped it around her. "you'll catch your death out here," he said, and gathered her close in his arms. "c'mon, buddy, let's get you home. Asgore and Pap are at the shelter, they won't mind if we take a shortcut."

A soft sob stopped him in his tracks. He looked down at the human as she wrapped her arms around his neck, crying into his turtleneck. "Sans—I'm—I' sorry! I didn't—"

He hushed her gently as he started off through the trees. "i already know, kid, you've told me before," he said softly, stroking his boney fingers through her hair. "i already forgave you a long time ago."


Sans lay in his bed, his eyes closed, but he wasn't asleep. He was tired, but he simply couldn’t will himself to sleep. So, he waited, in the dark and silence, hoping he'd slip off without realizing it.

A sound caught his attention. At first he thought he'd imagined it, but then it came again. A soft, gentle tapping at his door.

Opening his left eye, he raised his hand slightly off the bed, using his magic to open the door. He should have known, and maybe he had, which was why he couldn't sleep. Frisk poked her head in the door, leaning heavily on it to avoid hurting her ankle.

His usual smile softened as he tossed the covers back, and took hold of the child with his magic. He set her down gently on the bed beside him, and drew her close, letting her head rest on his shoulder. "what are you doing up, buddy?" he asked quietly, petting her hair. "can't sleep either?"

She shook her head, and hugged him tight, her fingers tracing over his ribs. "I......had another nightmare. Can I.....stay with you? Please?"

He chuckled, wrapping her in his arms. "course, kid. you're always welcome here, no matter what, okay?" She nodded as he pulled up the blanket. "good, sweet dreams, Frisk."


"yeah, buddy?"

"......I love you."

"heh, love you, too."
The warmth of affection
A continuation off my first Undertale one-shot 'Every Flower has a Meaning'. Frisk tries to deal with remembering past timelines, while Sans tries to cope with the human pushing him further away.
Every flower has a meaning.

Sunlight filtered into the room from the partly open drapes covering the window. The bedroom was otherwise dark, seeming gloomy with the lights off. On the desk, sitting in front of the window, in the stream of golden light, a plain ceramic pot stood.

It was nothing special; typical red-brown color, ordinary garden soil, a touch of common fertilizer, holding one single flower. However, that was where 'normal' ended. From most angles the flower seemed to be just that-a regular flower. Yellow petals, oval leaves, green stem. Then there was the white face in the center of the blossom.

Pale as fresh snow, framed by a wreath of gold, eyes small, round, and hard like pebbles. The flower inhaled deeply, sighing softly as it swayed ever so slightly as it sunbathed, like all flowers must. It was rare to get a moment of peace in that house, and it wasn't missing the opportunity to fully open its leaves and petals to absorb as much light as possible in the assumingly short amount of time it had.

A door opened, banging softly against the wall. "We're home~!" came a voice as the sounds of paper and plastic bags quickly followed.

The flower growled in frustration, it's petals drooping as its leaves lowered. "Stupid idiots......" Flowey grumbled. Hearing the telltale noise of a certain pair of feet, he closed his petals around his face, drooping his head.

Behind him, the door opened with a soft squeak. Oh how he hated that squeaky hinge! He listened intently, hearing bags hit the carpeted floor as a second set of footsteps entered.

"That all your stuff, kid?"

"Yeah, Sans, thanks for helping me carry it in here."

"No biggie. Blue Magic makes unloading groceries and the like a snap." He heard the skeleton snap his boney fingers. ".......say, kid. You really wanna go through all this trouble? He ain't gonna appreciate it. You're wasting your time with him. He......he's never changed before. You and I both know that."

"I know, Sans. But I want to try anyway. makes me happy, somehow, knowing I've helped somebody who really needs it. Besides, things have turned out different before when they hadn't ever done so in the past. I'll always try.......because I've got enough love for both of us."

The skeleton chuckled softly, the flower could all but see him gently ruffling the human's hair. "You're too good, Frisk. Anyway, I'm gonna help your mom and Papyrus put stuff away, and hopefully keep my bro from cooking spaghetti......again."

"He'll only cooked it every night this week~"

"My point exactly. I think I'll take a crack at dinner tonight. You wanna help after you're done?"

"Yeah, I've never seen you cook before."

"I make a mean omelette," he replied, and Flowey bit back a snarl, knowing what was coming. "They're quite 'egg'-cellent."

Frisk giggled as he heard the skeleton leave. Ugh, him and his excessive puns! One day, he was going to knock the puns right out of his bones!

"Hey," Flowey couldn't stop a slight jump in surprise. How had she gotten right behind him that fast?! He could feel her breath on the back of his stem she was so close! "I know you're awake."

He growled, opening his petals. "What do you want now?" he grumbled in annoyance. "Haven't you humiliated me enough? Digging me up and sticking me in this tiny pot like a frilly daisy! What form of degration do you have for me now?"

The child slowly turned the pot around, forcing the flower to face them, even if he just glared at the desk. He jumped as she stabbed something into the soil, a memory from another timeline flashing through his mind, turning the object briefly into a knife in front of his eyes. He blinked, seeing green plastic, and slowly looked up.

A fake Milkvetch flower? Why....? She stuck something else in the pot. A small fake twig with a Peachblossom. Then she wrapped a length of fake vines around the rim of his pot, and poked more fake flowers into it. Pansy, Red Salvia, Bachelor Button, Bellflower, Tussilage.

He looked around as she pinned them all around him, making him feel like the centerpiece of a garland. Part of him trembled inside at the thought, remembering a life when he had been used for such a purpose. That was still a haunting nightmare.

"What are you doing?! Stop!" he demanded. "I'm not a piece of decoration! I won't take such an insult from the likes of-.......wait, what are you doing?"

The child smiled at him, holding up one last piece of plastic over his head. Was that what he thought it was? Oh no. "G-GET THAT MISTLETOE AWAY FROM ME!"

Frisk giggled and slowly began to lean forward. Flowey hissing, morphing his mouth into sharp teeth as he tried to lean back, flailing his leaves. "No-stop! Don't you dare! Leave me alone!"

The flower froze for a second, feeling warm, soft lips touch his forehead, and felt a small shock pass through him. But he quickly pushed it aside as Frisk leaned back, allowing him space to furiously scrub his forehead. "Do you think this'll soften me?! Make me come around and be nice?! I have no soul, human, I feel nothing! Your weak attempts with only-!"

He was cut off as she opened a card, and propped it up in front of him. He stared at it, cringing slightly as she patted his head, and left the room. Flowey read over the words, puzzled by the card's intention.

'Your Bouquet means:

Pansy-Pleasant thought, think of me

Red Salvia-Untiring energy

Bachelor Button-Hope, Devotion, Love

Bellflower-Constancy, gratitude, I wish to speak to you

Tussilage-You shall have justice

Milkvetch-Your presence softens my pain, comfort

Peachblossom-I am your captive

Mistletoe-Kiss me, Affection, To Surmount Difficulties'

Flowey touched the warm spot on his forehead, blinking at the words. He shook his head with a growl. "Stupid human! I will not be mocked!" He smack the card, causing it to fall off the desk, then glowered down at the new additions to his 'prison'.

His gaze landed on the mistletoe. Outside the room, the human's laugh coming from the kitchen made him look up. He didn't notice as his leaf softly rubbed his forehead once more.
Undertale-Every flower has a meaning
So despite still not having a computer of my own, and the one my aunt loaned me doesn't like using the Internet, I have discovered DA has finally upgraded to the point that submitting stories isn't so terrible-still slow and jerky, but it works.

Anyway-back to the point! My very dear friend recently got introduced to this fairly new game called Undertale, and fell in love with it. Needless to say.....she dragged me into the bottomless hole too. So after watching playthroughs on YouTube, because I can't play yet myself, I started getting a few short story ideas-hence the current one-shot and the several others soon to follow.

This particular Drabble is my take on how Frisk would treat a captive Flowey as she tries to slowly win over his friendship with relentless kindness. Flowey isn't too thrilled about he?

Undertale and is characters belong to Toby Fox

The story belongs to me.


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