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    He didn't believe in angels much. Or at least assumed they didn't care much about mortals, even those with longevity like himself. But he did have a firm belief in miracles. He didn't know which it was, but he had witnessed something that had to be the work of one or the other.

    Laying in a pile of volcanic ash, nearly hidden in the grey powder that stood nearly as high as his chest, was a small child. A human child. It seemed that they were dead as first, but as he drew closer, he saw the disturbance in the ash caused by their breath. They were somehow still alive.

    Without a second thought, he forgot his experiment, dropping the ash samples onto the ground as he gently lifted the small human into his arms. He had had sons, so he knew well how to cradle the child carefully, tucking them under his trench cloak that he always wore when out of his lab. It might have been years since his boys had been small enough to hold, but the instincts were still there.

    He placed a hand against their neck, his fingers splayed over the back of their head, holding it to his chest, while his other arm held their thighs to support them. Keeping a firm grip upon them, Gaster raced for his lab, knowing that if they were caught, the child would die.


    Wasting little time, the skeleton cleaned the child in the sink in his private lab, locking the door to keep anyone from barging in. He had had to deal with chemical accidents before, so he took extra care to remove to ash from their ears, nose, mouth, and even their eyes, flushing all of them out with water, q-tips, and even his own toothbrush. Suddenly he was glad he always had the urge to brush his teeth after eating and therefore had a toothbrush on hand.

    After they were clean-and he discovered 'they' were a female-Gaster grabbed one of the spare shirts he kept in case of emergencies and dressed her in it. He kept checking for her breath, knowing that like some monsters humans had to constantly breathe to live, and inspected her for injuries. But he was pleasantly surprised to find no broken bones, though the soles of her feet-which had been shoeless-were showing signs of a long and rough walk.

    He sat down at his desk, cradling the child in his arms, studying her slumbering face through the rectangular lenses of his glasses, brushing the hair from her forehead. "Such a small thing," he murmured softly. "You can't be all that old. How did you even get down here, I wonder?" He shook his head, carefully lifting her hand for a closer look, curious about her fingernails as monsters mostly had claws. "I know you are human, but you certainly can't be dangerous-not being this tiny."

    The hand suddenly twitched, the fingers latching onto his thumb. The skeleton watched with wrapped attention as his digit was captured. Slowly, a small smile slipped across his face. "Look at you-you don't even know who is holding you, yet you cling to me so tightly. You're just a child, like any monster child, seeking comfort, safety, love....." The scientist blinked a few times, idly stroking her hand with a finger, deep in thought. "Why should a child die, just because it happens to be human? It's illogical."

    He glanced around the room, looking at the couch in one corner, the small kitchenette, the cleansing shower that he used almost daily, the spare clothes......

    I practically live in here, he realized, giving the lab's 'living place' a deadpanned look. But......if I can live here......maybe the human can as well. After all, I can't risk taking her home. Sans and Papyrus might not understand, and we all know Papyrus can't keep secrets. He looked back to the human. "I'll try to get you home, child. Until then, I suppose this will have to do for a home. But I'll make it as decent as I can." The skeleton smiled. "Don't tell your brothers, but I've also always wanted a daughter."


    Gaster chewed the end of his pen lightly, frowning down at the equation. The solution was becoming tiresome to figure out. It seemed the more he stared at it, the blurrier the answers became.

    Something tapped against his leg, drawing a smile from the skeleton as he leaned back in his chair and looked down. A piece of folded paper was sticking out of the cabinet of his desk, wiggling about to get his attention. He chuckled, catching the paper between two fingers, and flicked it open.

    Inside was a crayon drawing of three stick figures. One tall, drawn in black with a coat and purple eyes, one slightly shorter than the first, in orange with a red scarf and orange eyes, and a shorter one in blue wearing a puffy blue jacket with lighter blue eyes. All three were inside a large squiggly heart, surrounded by lots of smaller hearts, and one random butterfly.

    His smile brightened as he glanced subtly at the cracked open cabinet door. "My, what a lovely drawing," he said, nudging the cabinet door open a little more. "I should frame this one. If only something wasn't missing....."

    "What?" a little voice asked.

    He smirked, and reached inside, pulling the small human out as she giggled. "I don't see a cute little girl that's part of our family." Gaster set her down on his lap, holding up the picture. "I see me, Sans, and Papyrus. But where is our dear Frisk."

    The human, now around six years old, pointed to the corner of the paper. "That's me, Daddy," she insisted.

    Gaster perked. "You mean the butterfly?"

    "Uh-huh~ Am I pretty, Daddy?"

    The skeleton smiled, petting her short, and admittedly somewhat uneven, rich brown hair. Her bright and eager chocolate eyes stared expectantly up at him. "So very pretty, my pet," he replied, and opened a drawer, filled with even more drawings, and placed it inside. "I shall keep it with the other pretty pictures and save it to enjoy another time."

    She beamed, then looked at the work on his desk. "Your drawings are pretty, too, Daddy. Are you learning your numbers too?"

    He chuckled. "You could say that." The skeleton set his glasses on the desk, and looked at the clock on the wall. "Well, I think it's about time for a lunch break. What would you like today, pet?"

    "Donuts?" she replied, almost automatically.

    Gaster shook his head. "You had donuts this morning. If you keep eating spiders you might just turn into one." He thought for a moment, then perked. "I know. How about we ask your big brother to get us some burgers and fries from Grillby's?"

    The human clapped her hands over her mouth, squealing excitedly into her palms. "Grillby, Daddy! Pretty please!"

    The scientist place a hand over his own face, laughing as he shook his head. One thing he had learned rather quickly after finding the child was that Frisk was always a good source of laughter. Her innocence and merriment made it impossible not to adore her, and some times Gaster began to wonder if perhaps making him smile was her secret goal.

    "Alright, then. I'll go see if Sans will get us some lunch." Lifting her up, he set her on the floor, and as always, her tiny hands clung to his sleeves for just a moment before reluctantly letting go. Pushed back from his desk, Gaster stood, looking at Frisk expectantly.

    She looked up at him with a slight quiver in her lips, balling up the hem of her little shirt. "I don't wanna...." she whined.

    Sighing softly, Gaster knelt down, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Frisk, dear, we've been over this. No one can see you yet," he stated softly. "The king would take you away from me, and you would never see me again. Now you wouldn't want to leave me forever, would you?"

    She shook her head, obviously trying her hardest not to cry. Gaster smiled softly, pulling her into a hug. "One day, Daddy will take you out of this place. I promise." She turned the embrace, pressing her face into his his white dress shirt, a tiny hand grabbing hold of his tie. "Daddy loves you, Frisk."

    "Frisk loves you, Daddy," she mumbled, then slowly released him, and reluctantly climbed into the cabinet. Pillows wrapped in a sheet served as a bed along with a another small pillow for her head and a blanket to cover up with. Taped to one of the walls was a photo of two other skeletons-one in a red shirt, the other in a blue dress shirt and a white lab coat, both smiling for the camera as the shorter one held up an acceptance letter signed by the king himself.

    Gaster smiled, petting her head once more, and gently shut the cabinet. Straightening, he gathered up his papers into a filing folder, and headed out of his private lab, and into the main area, locking his door by the handle and the deadbolt. He didn't take chances, not with Frisk's life on the line.

    He tucked the folder under his arm as he walked, glancing over the machinery and smaller experiments scattered throughout the lab as he headed into the dining area. Sitting at the table, already munching on potato chips dipped in yogurt while reading a graphic novel, was a yellow lizard-like monster. "Alphys," he greeted, smiling slightly as he accidentally startled her as usual. "What story do you have today?"

    She scrambled to hide it, coughing slightly as she tried not to choke. "It-it's a-well, y-you wouldn't enjoy it," she insisted, her face turning red. "Di-uh, did you need something, Doctor?"

    "Have you seen Sans?" he asked, playfully leaning over as he pretended to try and see the novel.

    "Chemistry room-he's in the chemistry room!" she said quickly.

    He chuckled softly, patting her shoulder. "You're always good for a laugh, Alphys." Reaching into his pocket, he set a slip of paper on the table beside her. "Here, a coupon for a free donut. Think of it as a reward for being such a good sport. I'm sure you'll have a 'ball' at the café."

    She gave a snorting giggle. "Doctor that was terrible!"

    "But it made you laugh~" he sang, and headed into the chemistry room.

    The room was full of glass cases with different sorts of containers, each with a variety of chemicals. Some were natural, some monster-made, others magical. With orders from the king, they had been using the room much more often in the last five years as they worked on increasing a monster's magical output through artificial enhancements. The few creations they had were almost ready for testing, but Gaster was concerned about them, noticing a worrisome pattern in the few low key experiments he had preformed.

    However, no one worked harder on the project than Sans. So it didn't surprise Gaster to find him leaning over a microscope, a dropper of yellow fluid in one hand, and a glass slide with blue liquid in the other. He watched quietly, observing as the golden drop fell, the two fluids mixing together, and turned black.

    The shorter skeleton growled. "dammit, not again," he growled, setting the dropper aside as he put the glass slide in the sink. "i gotta be missin' somethin'....."

    "Clearly," said Gaster. "But you'll figure it out. The best successes took the longest to discover."

    Any other monster would have been startled, but Sans was use to him silently appearing, and simply shrugged as he turned, leaning back against the counter as he tucked his hands into the pockets of his lab coat. "yeah, i know. just wish it wasn't such a pain in the spine," he replied. "so what brought you out of your hole, Dad?"

    "Lunch," Gaster chuckled. "I was hoping to persuade you into going to Grillby's for a few burgers and fries."

    Sans arched a brow. "really? you hardly ever ask for stuff that far off."

    "I'm having the worst sort of craving."

    The younger monster shrugged. "At least it's not crab apples and sea tea this time," he said as he straightened, smoothing the wrinkles out of his light blue dress shirt and adjusting his tie. "i barely managed to escape Gerson's ramblings! he sure doesn't talk fast for a turtle."

    Gaster shook his head with a smile. "And I greatly appreciated your 'noble sacrifice' on my behalf," he stated with a dramatic bow.

    Sans smirked, and folded his arms. "in that case, go get your own food, Dr. Wisecrack." They laughed, enjoying their typical display of good humor. Shrugging off his coat, Sans handed it to his father. "what do you want?"

    "Two burgers-mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and relish, with two large fries."

    "y'know, one day you're gonna have to show me what the heck you're working on that makes you so damn hungry all the time," he stated, loosening his tie.

    Gaster smiled as he watched his son vanish. "Yes, one day. One day...."
For the Love of a Child
My personal AU where Gaster is alive, the skele-bros' father, and finds a toddler Frisk who fell in Hotland.

While out doing research, Gaster discovers a small human child, and decides to save her life. Keeping he hidden, he risks treason and death to protect the helpless child that has quickly become a light of his life.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
    Frisk sighed as she opened the door, limping into the house. Her ankle was heavily wrapped in a cast, and she had to rely on her crutch to get around. But duties were duties, and she had been needed in yet another meeting, dealing with monsters and international travel to areas there laws still restricted them from entering. Needless to say, it was nothing but one big headache.

    "hey, sunshine, you look a little down." She gasped in surprise as a set of arms suddenly swept her off her feet. Sans smiled sympathetically down at her as he carried her over to the couch, setting her down gently as he kissed her forehead. "did those idiots give you more trouble?"

    She nodded, rubbing her temple. "Yeah, the arguing just won't stop with these people." A groan escaped her as she covered her eyes. "My head is throbbing."

    Sans softly stroked her hair. "no worries, princess. if they keep giving you trouble, i can always give them some." Frisk smirked. She knew he was joking......mostly. "just sit tight. i'll those weird smelling pills and something to wash them down."

    "Thank you," she replied. It had been a few weeks since she had broken her ankle, learned about Sans's Beast form, and they had both revealed they had feelings for each other. Things had been a bit awkward at first, neither knowing where their new boundaries were or what was suppose to change with their new relationship title. However, they still hadn't discussed anything up to that point about it.

    But Sans had been extremely attentive to her needs, making sure she didn't have to get up on her bad ankle unless absolutely necessary. He grabbed whatever clothes she wanted from the closet, carried her downstairs without his magic, and brought her every meal and drink she'd had. It was a nice feeling, to see how much the skeleton cared, to neglect his laziness for her sake. She giggled softly, her hand still over her eyes as she thought about how adorable he was when he practically threw himself off the sofa the second she mentioned wanting something just to keep her from getting up.

    "what's so funny-you think of a good joke without me?" Frisk lifted her hand, and smiled as he sat down beside her with the pill bottle and a glass of chocolate milk with one of Papyrus's swirly straws. He handed the glass to her, and opened the bottle, shaking out two pills. "spill already, what was making you giggle like that so i can use it later."

    She smirked at him. "I was thinking about you."

    He blinked, his smile changing to a look of surprise as she popped the white capsules in her mouth, and sucked down almost a third of the brown drink. "me?" The skeleton's grin sprung back up as he shrugged helplessly. "well i am pretty awesome-good looking, smart, funny. it's no wonder i'm always on your pretty little mind."

    "Actually I was thinking about how nice and helpful you've been through all this-what with me currently being lame." She nodded towards her leg, sipping on the straw. "Mmm, this is good. New brand?"

    Sans blinked again, then looked away as he rubbed the back of his skull, his cheekbones gaining a touch of blue. "didn't think it was that big a deal. just don't ya' stressing your ankle."

    "It's not a big deal. But that's why it's so sweet." She glanced at him, and giggled. "You're cute, you know that?"

    He playfully glared at her. "flirtatious minx," he accused, leaning over to nuzzle her cheek. She giggled, wrapping her free arm around him, his arms slipping around her as well.

    "I'm serious, though," she insisted. "You taking such good care of me is really sweet of you."

    The skeleton gave an awkward chuckle. "it's nothing," he insisted. "i would've still helped ya' out."

    She raised a brow. "I hear an 'even if we weren't in a relationship' in there."

    "guess that wasn't as subtle as i'd hoped....."

    Frisk sighed, resting her head against him. "Sans, I think we gotta talk about this."

    He leaned his skull against the crown of her head. "yeah, i know. just really didn't wanna."

    "Now who sounds like the little 'kiddo'."

    "that a 'crack' about my old bones?"

    Frisk snorted, shaking her head. "What-ev-er! Monsters age different from humans. Mom told me if you were human you'd be in your twenties." She sipped her drink again. "But anyway, we still gotta figure this out. So.....what do we want?"

    Sans sighed, closing his eyes. "well, i know that i want you, and that i want you to be happy if that helps."

    The human smiled, reaching up to softly stroke his skull. "I want those things too. So that's good, common ground on the important issues."

    Sans sat up, brushing her hair back behind her ear as she looked at him questioningly. "lemme just get to the 'bare bones' of things, Frisk-spare us both the awkward part. i'm not gonna ask you for anything you're not ready or willing to do. in fact, we don't have to change all that much relationship wise. trust me, i haven't been in many, but i know what it's like to feel pressured-not cool at all. if you're only interested in holding hands and kissing, that's perfectly fine, and it's not written in stone, so if you ever change your mind about something, i'm down with that too. ya' just gotta tell me, okay?"

    Frisk nodded mutely. She reached up, taking his hand from her hair, and softly kissing his knuckles. Running her thumb over the smooth bones that made up his fingers, she studied them intently, as if his hand held some sort of deep secret. "I'm ready for two more things, besides kissing and holding hands.....if you're up for it."

    He titled his head, holding her hand in return. "lay it on me, bright eyes."

    Her cheeks felt warm, and judging from his growing smile as she looked up, he could hear her heart beating quicker. "For starters, maybe cuddling? Like on the couch and stuff?"

    Sans chuckled softly. He suddenly lifted her up with his magic, and sat down, slowly lowering her onto his lap as he wrapped his arms around her. "how's this for starters?" he asked, catching her straw between his teeth to steal a long slurp of her chocolate milk.

    She giggled. "This works perfectly for me." Frisk rested her head on his shoulder, snuggling against the softness of his hoodie with a contented sigh. She could almost fall asleep like this, feeling comfortable and safe......

    "so what was the other thing?"


    "Hmm?" she asked, lifting her head. "Oh, right. Well, since we're getting on a more personal level, I was thinking......we should get to know each other more intimately. I don't really know anything about you from before we met, and you don't really know anything about me from before then either. But everybody has baggage of some sort, and I think we should get everything out on the table right now so we know what we'll be getting into if we really want to go through with this."

    Sans stared at her for a moment, then stole another sip of her drink. "that's some pretty heavy thinking there, sweetheart," he commented, then sighed, looking away. "i can already tell you this-you're not gonna like what i've got to say. i've done a lot of stuff i'm not proud of, but that's just how it all went down at the time. so just be warned that you're opening a can of worms here."

    Frisk reached up, hooking a finger under his jaw to force him to look at her. "I know that, Sans. But I'd rather find out now and from you than maybe one day by accident and from another source if it's bad." She smiled, kissing his teeth. "Besides, I don't want to hear just the bad-I wanna know about the good stuff too."

    He chuckled sheepishly, resting his forehead against hers. "fine, but not here. not today." The skeleton ran his hand over her hair. "i got an idea-gimme till this weekend, then we'll set a whole day aside just for us, 'kay?"

    Frisk nodded, too tired to argue. Sans always had this weird way of being able to soothe her, no matter what. When she had nightmares, he'd sit up with her for a few minutes, and somehow coax her back to sleep. Then on nights when she couldn't fall asleep at all, he'd talk to her in a soft voice, tangling her hair around his fingers until she slipped off without realizing it.

    The skeleton smiled, kissing her forehead once more before moving her empty glass to the coffee table with a flick of his wrist, and shifted to lean against the arm of the couch with Frisk draped over him, her head now on his chest as he played with her silken hair. "good idea," he said softly, hearing her heartbeat slow. "i could use another nap."


    When the weekend arrived, Frisk awoke strangely alone. She blinked groggily a few times, softly patting the empty spot on the bed, her mind still trying to put the situation together. Sans was gone-awake and moving before her.

    That just wasn't right.

    She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she looked around. There was no sign of him in the room either. His hoodie was gone, so that meant he had at least gotten dressed for the day. That meant it was also time for her to get up and see what sort of trouble he was getting into.

    After dressing and brushing out her hair, Frisk limped out of the room and down the stairs. She heard voices in the kitchen, and poked her head inside. The brothers were standing at the stove, muttering quietly, which was rare for Papyrus to be so quiet. But they both turned, either having heard or sensed her somehow.

    Sans's grin softened to a smile, and he moved to her side, scooping her up into his arms. "morning, gorgeous," he greeted, kissing her cheek. "you sleep okay?"

    She nodded as he carried her to the dining room table, setting her down in a chair. "Yeah, putting that extra pillow under my ankle really helped," she replied. "What're you guys up to?"

    "Pap's helping me set up our date."

    Frisk perked. "Date?" Had she forgotten a date? She had been busy, but surely she wouldn't forget a date with Sans!

    He nodded. "remember? i said i'd tell you anything you wanna know about me this weekend." The skeleton winked. "well, sweetheart, it's the weekend."

    She instantly felt relieved. "Oh, that. I didn't think we were calling it a date." The human glanced down at her plain navy blue shirt and jeans. "I would have worn something a little nicer than one of my lazy day shirts."

    Sans chuckled, gently cupping her chin as he rested his forehead against hers briefly. "i like your lazy day clothes. besides, it'll just be the two of us."

    "No Grillby's?!" she gasped in fake shock. "Who are you and what have you done with Sans?"

    The skeleton laughed, shaking his head as he gave her a quick hug. "it's not that strange!"

    "You practically live at Grillby's."

    "only part-time," he insisted as Papyrus set a plat down in front of Frisk. Thanks to Toriel, he had branched out in cooking and started making a few other dishes on a frequent basis. Pancakes was one of them.

    "SANS THE ONLY REASON YOU AREN'T ALWAYS AT GRILLBY'S IS BECAUSE YOU NEED TO WORK TO STEADILY PAY OFF YOUR TAB, LET GRILLBY RESTOCK ON KETCHUP, AND HANG OUT WITH FRISK." The taller skeleton picked up his brother, who pretty much went limp in his hold as he set him in his own chair with another plate of pancakes in front of it. "NOW SIT DOWN AND EAT SO YOU AND THE HUMAN CAN GO ON YOUR PLAYDATE."

    Sans growled softly. "Papyrus, it's not a playdate," his grumbled through his teeth.

    Frisk giggled as she began ripping her pancakes apart with her fingers, dipping the bite sized morsels in a puddle of syrup. "Are you saying we won't have any fun on our date?" she teased.

    He perked. "n-no, that's not what i meant at all!"

    "So then we do get to play~?"

    Sans glared at her. "isn't my girlfriend suppose to be on my side?"

    Frisk laughed lightly. "I am, but that doesn't mean I can't give you a hard time."

    He shook his head, grabbing the ketchup bottle he had hidden in his jacket, and poured half of it onto his pancakes. "you're lucky you're cute."

    "Love you, too, you punny bonehead."


    The sun shone brightly down on the mountain that afternoon, a cool wind bringing hints of the coming fall in its wake as it gently rattled the leaves above. A picnic had been spread out in the lush grass in the shade, a thermos of warm golden flower tea and a cinnamon-butterscotch pie sat in the middle of the yellow blanket. Sans leaned back against the tree, while Frisk lay stretched out, staring up at a patch of sky through the branches, the dappled light gliding back and forth across their little space.

    The good thing about their relationship, in Sans's opinion, was that they didn't need much to be happy. There was no need for long talks about pointless things every second they were alone, they were comfortable with silence. They didn't have to constantly go out to find entertainment, they could just sit on the couch or in their bed for hours at a time. Fancy restaurants meant nothing but a big bill, and while both loved Grillby's, they were also content with something simple as a home cooked meal.

    In short, all that mattered was each other, and Sans wouldn't want it any other way.

    However, now there was a need for more. Personal experiences they had had over their lives were about to be shared. There was going to be things neither of them would like, and he could only pray that by sundown Frisk wouldn't come to hate him.

    Sitting up, the human grabbed the cup of tea, sipping slowly. She gazed out over the glen just past the tree line, the tall grass swaying like the waves of a pale green ocean. "You want me to go first?" she asked, not turning to the skeleton. "I'm pretty sure mine's shorter."

    Sans shrugged, trying not to act like he was excited to hear about her life. "sup to you, sunshine."

    She nodded, setting her cup down. "Well, you already know I was abandoned, so I guess I'll start with foster life. I grew up in a three-room, two bathroom house with Mr. and Mrs. Lee and five other girls. They were good people, I guess. We went to the park every Saturday to play, but I didn't make friends like the other girls did."

    "why not?"

    She shrugged. "I dunno. I was just quiet, and they just.....didn't really like me. A few of them bullied me for a while. Even the oldest girl in our house, Samantha, picked on me. But I kept waiting, holding on until my family would come find me." Frisk took another sip of her tea. "After I kept getting brought back, I lost hope. Then one night, I had this really weird dream-I don't even really remember what it was about to be honest. But I remember chasing something, or maybe running to something."

    "Anyway, after I woke up, I thought about it all day, until I suddenly realized what it must have meant. I was in the wrong place."

    Sans frowned, sitting up straighter. "wrong place? what's that mean?"

    Frisk picked up one of the paper plates they had brought, and cut herself a slice of pie. "It's.....well, you'll laugh."

    "i might, but try me anyways."

    She sighed, cutting off the tip of her slice with a fork. "You know how in books and movies and stuff how the hero somehow finds out that in order to do something-find love, defeat a villain, save the world, whatever-they have to leave the place they were raised. So I just thought.....I'd go for it." She slowly glanced at him, and saw a giant grin on his face. "Don't laugh!"

    "i'm not!" he insisted, a chuckle in his voice. "despite the irony of the situation, what were you expecting to find on a mountain?"

    Frisk paused, and suddenly was looking anywhere but at Sans. As a child, it hadn't seemed so terrible. But now that she was older.....


    She sighed. This was what she had wanted-totally honesty. It would be hypocritical of her to hold out or lie.

    "I.....I wanted to disappear," she admitted, then quickly continued. "I just wanted to be somewhere else, and just be forgotten. There didn't seem to be anything left for me, so I thought 'hey, let's make it an adventure and see how far I get until I vanish'. Then if I didn't disappear, then I'd keep going until I either did, or found something or someone worth sticking around for."

    The human slowly ate a bite of her pie, taking much longer than needed to chew and swallow. Then, she looked to the skeleton. Gone was the mirth and merriment from his face, his pupils mere pinpricks. If possible, he seemed to look whiter than normal, bleached out in a way.

    For a few moments, he simply stared. Then, when he spoke, his voice was soft and quivering. "you mean to tell came to the die?"

    She perked. "No-I didn't think of it like that! Dying was scary as a kid, I was just going to disappear!"

    "it's the same thing, Frisk!" he snapped, grabbing hold of her sleeve with a trembling hand, clutching her as if she'd vanish right before his eyes. "you don' don't still feel that way, do you?"

    She almost dropped the pie as she swiftly set it aside to grab his hand. "No-of course not! Sans, don't even think that!" She sighed, softly petting his knuckles. "Just.....let me finish, okay?"

    He nodded, but kept his gaze squarely on her. "After I fell into the Underground, I met Toriel in the Ruins. She was.....perfect-everything I could have hoped for in a mom. But that night I stayed at her house, I still didn't feel like I was ready to stop, so I kept going. After a while, I thought that maybe I could try to get out of the Underground, then that maybe I'd try to break the barrier. Then.....I knew nothing would stop me from breaking it."

    She smiled, squeezing his hand. "When we finally got out, I suddenly realized I'd just been on my hero's journey, and with all of you beside me, I'd found my happy ending." The human giggled, and suddenly kissed his cheekbone. "But turns out that the end was just the start."

    The skeleton smiled softly, stroking a hand down her cheek before touching his forehead to hers. "you better believe it was."

    She giggled, nuzzling his cheek. Sitting back, she picked up her pie. "Well, the rest you know. I guess that means it's your turn."

    Sans sighed, looking down as he rubbed the back of his skull. "right. okay then, just remember what i told you-you're not gonna like what i've got to say."

    "You're stalling. Just tell me."

    He nodded, folding his hands together in his lap as he leaned back, staring up at the branches above, watching the light dance between the leaves. "i use to live in Hotland when i was a kid. it was just me, Papyrus, and......our father."

    Frisk's eyes widened slightly. "You've never mentioned parents before."

    "i don't like to talk about him much. it's.......pretty painful. so just this once, okay?"

    She nodded. "I'll try not to bring it up again after this."

    Seemingly satisfied, he continued. "anyways, we grew up in Hotland, and i trained as a scientist, even worked with my father. but one day, there was an accident, and he died. i grabbed Papyrus, and we moved. we first moved to Waterfall, and stayed for a couple years, then when we became sentries, we moved to Snowdin. that's the basics of it."

    She arched a brow. "And the details? C'mon, you said you dated before, and the whole 'can of worms' thing."

    "cool your lava, sweetheart. i'm gettin' there," he insisted. "when we were in Hotland i dated this moth monster-Sahenia-for about three month. but she wanted stuff i didn't, and after i gave in for the first time.....let's just say it was awful and move on. so we broke up, and i dated another girl in Waterfall, but we broke up after i moved. then i flirted with the bunny monster-you know her, the one who liked to take walks by the inn? but it wasn't anything serious. i thought about making it a thing, but......just didn't get around to it."

    He glanced at her, judging her reaction, which was surprisingly nonexistent. "what, nothing?"

    "Do you want me to scream or call you a pervert?" she joked. "C'mon Sans, I knew how unlikely it was that I'd be your first girlfriend."

    The skeleton grinned slightly. "thanks for bein' cool about it."

    "No prob, Bob-keep going!""

    He huffed. "right. so.......uh, after Snowdin. we'd been there a few weeks when the first human fell and left the Ruins. this was after Chara and Prince Asriel had died, and Asgore ordered all humans to be brought to him. i was the first one to see them, and i alerted Undyne.......she was a little girl, asking me if i'd seen her ribbon or her toy knife while i kept her distracted. when Undyne showed up, she told the kid our story......and killed her."

    Sans squeezed his eyes shut, remembering the child's face clearly. "she told me that all humans would have to be killed, so we could use their souls to get free. But she really didn't like killing kids, even though she did was she thought was necessary." He sighed, shaking his head. "i thought it was horrible, and couldn't imagine doing such a thing......until the second human."

    "he was wearing these thick gloves and had this goofy bandana. i was thinking 'there's no way i can let Undyne kill him too'. but when i tried to help him, he was found by a Snowdrake first.......and he killed her, stomping on her dust and laughing. then when Ice Cap tried to attack him, i just....." He shook his head. "it happened so fast. all i really know is i blinked and then i was kneeling in the snow, red all around me.....and the kid's soul in my hands."

    "he was just the first. after that, i decided humans were too dangerous to just let them wander about in the Underground. the ballerina girl in Waterfall tried to hide from me, but eventually i found her. then the boy with glasses heading to Gerson's, the girl with the frying pan in Hotland, and the cowboy kid near the Capital. Frisk.......i killed most of the humans who fell. i would have killed you, too, if it wasn't for Toriel."

    He finally looked up again, not fully sure what to expect. Frisk was staring down as her half-eaten pie, her expression blank. He had to admit, if Frisk would play cards, she'd kill at Poker.

    "I already knew you really would have killed me, Sans. You technically already did." She sighed, running a hand through her hair. "I don't agree with what you did, but.....I can understand it, and I can forgive you for it."

    It felt like a world of stress had been lifted from his shoulders, his soul itself feeling lighter than it had in years. "don't know what i did to deserve you, princess. but whatever it was, i'm glad i did it."

    She smiled softly, and shifted about, carefully moving her injured ankle as she tried to get comfortable. "But there's one more thing I'd like to get to know more about."

    He cocked his head. "lemme guess; my Beast form, huh?"

    The human blushed slightly. "Is it weird? That I wanna see it, I mean."

    Sans shook his head, waving the question off. "nah, you're just curious." He suddenly grinned. "though, maybe you also got a thing for flirting with danger, bright eyes."

    "I told you to stop bringing up the flirting thing!" she shouted shrilly, her voice squeaking from the embarrassment. The skeleton laughed so hard he fell over, clutching his ribs. "You can be a real jerk!"

    He chuckled helplessly as he waved his hand in a wordless plea for mercy. Frisk huffed, folding her arms in a pout as she turned her back to him. The skeleton forced himself up onto his knees as he drew her into a hug, snickering against her shoulder. "i'm sorry, sweetheart. you know i like when you flirt with me, right?"

    Frisk humphed, turning her nose up into the air. They both knew she wasn't really mad, but it was all part of an elaborate unspoken game of theirs, and Sans seemed to enjoy playing. The skeleton thought for a moment, then buried his face against her neck. "c'mon, Frisky. can't you forgive me?" he coaxed. "i promise to behave."

    She scoffed, even as she smiled. "Yeah right," she said, turning to pull the skeleton down over her lap. She leaned over his, the ends of her chocolate locks swaying slowly, tickling his face softly. "You're bad to the bone."

    He chuckled softly, his eyes closed as he relax, enjoying the silky touch of her hair against his skull. A soft sigh escaped him, his hand finding hers. "if you keep this up, i'm gonna nod off." Reaching up, he gently ran his free fingers through the curtain of hair. "should'a started callin' you Rapunzel, princess."

    "You're not using my hair as a rope," she giggled.

    Sans peeked an eye open. "a monster can dream, can't he?" He sighed, and slowly sat up. "alright then. ya' still wanna see it?"

    "You don't have to," she stated. "You did say it hurts. I don't want you to be in pain."

    He shrugged. "it's not that bad-it really only hurts bad if i change fast. if i take my time, it's more like working a sore joint." The skeleton stood, shrugging off his hoodie and pulling off his shirt as he kicked off his slippers. Frisk watched as he stepped off the blanket, his bones already thickening, joints popping and crackling.

    His left eye blazed, his teeth growing as his new muzzle pushed slowly out. The spikes steadily grew from his spine and near the tip of the still lengthening tail. It took a little over two minutes, but Frisk wasn't able to look away the entire time.

    When he seemed to finish, the dragon-like skeleton turned, seemingly posing for her. Frisk snickered, and beckoned him closer. He carefully stepped back onto the blanket, trying to keep his claws from tearing into it as he slowly settled down beside her, lowering his muzzle.

    She ran a hand along his jaw, her fingers tracing over a few of his teeth. "You sure are big," she commented, laying over his muzzle, making him go cross-eyed to look at her. "Do you like it now that you've gotten use to it?"

    He shrugged with a rumble as she sat up. "Well, I think it would certainly come in handy at times. After all I-hey!" A glowing blue forked tongue slid out of his jaws, curling around the rest of the pie, and pulled it into his mouth when the magic in his tongue would absorb it. "I might have wanted more of that!"

    Sans let out a bark-like laugh, and nuzzled her torso. Frisk jerked. "H-hey! Stop!" she laughed. "That tickles!"

    The skeleton stood, gently pushing her down as he huffed and puffed against her belly, rumbling to add to the sensation. Frisk shrieked, trying in vain to push him away. "No fair, you cheater!" she squealed, trying to curl up to protect her sensitive area.

    He chuckled as he pulled back, not wanting her to accidentally jolt her injured ankle. The skeleton carefully grabbed her sleeve, and helped her sit up. He moved behind her, settling a foreleg on each side of her before lightly resting his chin on her shoulder.

    Frisk smiled, and wrapped her arms around his muzzle. "Thanks for this, Sans."

    He replied with a purr-like noise, nudging her to lay down before carefully laying his skull over top of her torso, her head resting on his foreleg. The two slowly drifted off, Sans by the gently stroking of her fingers on his cheek, and Frisk by the low rumbling the skeleton constantly made. No relationship was ever perfect, but theirs was more than good enough for them.
The Beast within the Monster

Sans leaned back against the wall as he sat on his bed, staring at his phone as he read the daily monster news blogs. He liked to keep up on current events ever since they had escaped the Underground almost ten years ago. It seemed hard to believe so much had changed in that time, but every day that he woke up on the surface was a blessing that he didn't dare take for granted.

Monsters had slowly begun to work their way into human society. Surprisingly, there were quite a few more humans willing to accept them than he had thought. But there was still a lot who didn't care for them, though human-monster hate crimes were few and far between since new interspecies laws gave out harsh punishments for offenders.

Though the most obvious changes for Sans were closer to home. Toriel and Asgore had gotten back together around three years back. Undyne and Alphys had moved in together, though the house was almost literally divided down the middle to avoid any issues with their different tastes and personal needs. Papyrus, after working at the human-monster school with Toriel, had begun dating a human woman who was another teacher, the two had hit it off well and were starting to get serious.

But perhaps the biggest change to his life involved Frisk. The human had grown and was now slightly above Papyrus's shoulder level. Her hair had grown out a little, but she never let it go too far past her shoulders. Over the years, her face had lost its childish features, as had her figure, and that was part of the reason she had had some persistent young boys poking their nose in where they shouldn't.

If Asgore didn't get wind of it first and set things straight by talking to the kids' parents, Sans himself stepped in to scare the hell out of them. He chuckled to himself as he thought about the last guy he had run off for Frisk. Half shaved head, piercings all over his face, tattoos, and reeking of cigarette smoke. Frisk wasn't into that whole 'bad boy' type, and had made it clear, but the punk didn't listen, so Sans had said something.

Needless to say she never heard from him after that.

Despite all of that, however, the biggest change with Frisk was her place of residence. After Asgore had moved Toriel in with him, Frisk had asked to live with a couple friends. Toriel had been reluctant to let her 'baby' go, but Asgore, feeling almost as reluctant, convinced her that Frisk was old enough to make her own choices, and that she was still free to come back if things didn't work out. As for the friends, they had gotten a stern lecture on being good roommates to Frisk, and were encouraged to make her feel welcomed.

"I love this new shampoo!" Sans looked up as Frisk stepped into his room-or should he say their room?-wrapped in nothing but a pair of towels. "It smells so good, and wait until my hair dries-bet it's gonna be so soft!"

He smirked. "glad you like it-figured you'd go for the strawberry kind when I seen it. i'll be sure to get it from now on instead of the other stuff," he said, watching her rub her messy wet hair dry as she headed into the closet, closing the door slightly to block the view as she reached around to hang the towels on the handle.

"Thanks for doing the shopping, Sans. I know you don't like it, but all those annoying meetings with the other ambassadors....." She sighed, opening a few of the small storage drawers tucked in the back of the closet before pulling on her night clothes. A pair of soft navy blue pants and a grey t-shirt that read 'Eat At Upper Grillby's'. The shirt was actually one of Sans's, but his baggy shirts were always comfortable to sleep in, so it had become an unspoken rule that Frisk was allowed to snatch whatever shirt of the skeleton's she wanted, so long as it made its way back into his laundry rotation.

As she stepped out, she moved over to the dresser and grabbed a brush, working the tangles out of her hair, and watching Sans in the mirror. He kept glancing at her as he attempted to keep his attention somewhat on the news on his phone. But it was hard, harder than it should have been.

He had watched Frisk grow and change, and for nearly eight years he hadn't really paid much attention to it. Until one day two years back when it had suddenly smacked him in the face. Frisk wasn't a kid anymore, she was a young woman, and an attractive one at that. He must have been blind for those years not to notices her new curvy hip bones, high cheekbones, strong jaw, and he even found her warm mocha skin to be beautiful despite his kind not having any. He had often wondered how different species of monsters found something from another kind to be attractive, as he'd never seen anything physically alluring about another monster type before himself. But now, her skin, while not particularly dark for a human yet was so tanned compared to his own white bones, was one of things he liked the most about her appearance.

" what do you think?" Frisk asked, setting her brush down as she pushed the hair behind her ears. "Do you wanna go?"

Sans blinked. "huh?"

She sighed, sitting down on the bed beside him, the faint scent of strawberries swirling in the air around them. "You weren't even listening to me," she stated.

"sorry, sweetheart," he replied, shrugging it off. "i was trying to read the reports." He had stopped calling Frisk 'kid', 'kiddo', 'pal', and only rarely used 'buddy' anymore. The skeleton had switched over to 'sweetheart', 'princess', 'bright eyes', and 'sunshine', and when questioned why, he made the excuse that Frisk was too grown for child nicknames. It was a bit of an inside joke sort of thing that he also called her 'Frisky' after the Greater Dog cell fluid incident that had transformed Frisk into a half dog monster for a little over a week when she was a kid.

She shook her head, wiggling under the covers. "I said its Dad's birthday this weekend and I want to get him something special," she repeated. "I wanted to go hunt down a Snowflake Daisy in the Underground, and since you and Papyrus know the area better than I do, I was hoping you'd have an idea of where in Snowdin they'd be."

The skeleton perked. "i dunno, sunshine. snowflake daisies grow way back in the woods. that's some pretty rough territory." He rubbed the back of his skull. "it's not safe to go into the woods. no one's seen one of them for years, but that doesn't mean they're gone."

She frowned. "Them? Them who?"

"oh, that's right. you wouldn't know about them," he murmured. "it's sort of a taboo to talk about them."

"But who are they?"

".......the Beast monsters."

Frisk blinked, looking confused. "Beast monsters......?"

Sans nodded. "we don't like to talk about it. Beasts are.....monsters, like us......but corrupted. monsters are made of magic and kindness, and negative emotions are deadly-like you already know. but what you don't know is that when monsters become bitter, angry, or hopeless......they become Beasts, their souls twisted into something you can't even recognize."

Frisk paled, her tanned skin looking ashen. "W-what.....?"

The skeleton sighed. "it's been years since we've seen any, but they could still be some out there. they can't eat us since monsters turn to dust, but they kill anything in their territory."

"You mean.....monsters, like you and Mom and Dad and all could....."

"yeah, but it's not likely-especially now that we're free. and we don't talk about it, so don't go bringing it up, alright?" She nodded, and Sans's eye flashed, the light turning off as he set his phone aside. "then let's get some sleep. i'll go with you tomorrow, just promise to stay close, okay?"

Frisk nodded, wrapping her arms around him as she snuggled against him, sighing softly against his collarbone. "Kind of a heavy topic to go to sleep on."

He chuckled, stroking her hair. "does it weigh a skele-ton on your mind?" She snorted, and buried her face into his ribs as she snickered.


Snow glittered as it swirled down through the trees, falling to the already thick blanket on the ground. Frisk's bright red boots crunched in the white powder, the wind whipping her dark purple scarf around her shoulders. She wore a thick forest green sweater she'd gotten from Asgore, with black snow pants and a pair of red mittens.

She looked up as the snow drifting through the air, her chocolate brown eyes filled with a child-like sense of wonder. The human sighed, tossing her head back as she spun on her toes with a giggle, feeling the snowflakes on her cheeks like cold kisses. Snowdin would always be her favorite zone in the Underground.

Sans chuckled, watching the human dance in the light flurry. For a trek back into the woods, he had opted to wear his white and blue sneakers instead of his slippers, and just for fun he wore the shirt Frisk had gotten him last year for his birthday-black with a skeleton design. He liked it because it looked liked he was topless, and it made people do a double-take.

He tucked his hands into his pockets. "having fun there, bright eyes?" he teased, secretly admiring the way the snowflakes dusted her mahogany locks.

The human giggled, running a hand over her hair, and he was disappointed that it brushed the snow away. "It's been a while since I've been down here," she confessed, a slight blush coloring her cheeks, drawing his gaze to the hint of cherry spreading over those lovely cheekbones, highlighting her eyes. "I just love Snowdin!"

"i've noticed," he chortled as he moved past her. "c'mon, Frisky, we still got a ways to go before we find those flowers."

"Are we getting close?" she asked as she followed after him. "We've been walking a while now."

Sans stepped on a thick branch, it snapped in two under his shoe, but he didn't seem to notice. Yet Frisk instantly remembered her first encounter with the skeleton. She'd seen a heavy branch in the middle on the path on her way out of the Ruins, and heard a loud crack shortly after passing it. Going back she had discovered it broken to bits, and remembered how afraid she'd been. Now she wondered just how much power Sans really had-she remembered plenty from her battles with him in other timelines, but his attacks had been him using magic, not physical.

'If he can break such a thick branch just by stepping on it, then how powerful is he really.....?'

"we should be coming up to a ridge in a little bit," he replied, jerking her out of her thoughts. "the flowers-if there are any still-should be up at the top. you might wanna take a few, since these things don't grow easy in captivity." He scoffed. "ironic, ain't it?"

"A little," she replied, glancing up at the trees. "It's still amazing that plants grow down here away from the sun."

Sans shrugged. "the wonders of magic, sweetheart."

She giggled. "You say magic is the answer to almost everything."

"well, it is," he stated. "magic is magic, there's not really an explanation besides that."

The conversation carried on for almost a half hour, the subject changing from magic in general, to the magic Sans and Papyrus possessed. "so you see, i got Blue, Light-Blue, Yellow, and Purple magic, and Pap has Blue, Light-Blue, and Orange. together, we can be a pretty hard to beat team." He shrugged, stepping on a large stone as he waited for Frisk to finish climbing over a log. "but, Papyrus doesn't like to hurt people, and me? well i'm just too lazy."

She snorted in amusement, and looked up as she reached him. "This the ridge?"

"you bet, sunshine. now we just gotta climb up there, and you'll have your chilly lilies."

"Snowflake Daisies," she laughed, hurrying up the slope of the ridge despite already being out of breath. She was a bit jealous that despite how lazy he was, Sans made the trip look so easy and effortless. He walked over or around everything in his way, and trekked through the snow like it wasn't even there.

Once at the top, Frisk looked about, so focused on finding the flowers she didn't noticed the freshly trampled and disturbed snow. Nor did she see broken tree limbs and scraped bark. Her eyes were only looking for the plants that would make her Dad happy.

She ducked under a low branch, peering around the tree trunks as she rushed about. Sans reached the top of the slope, his hands tucked in his pockets, his gaze instantly finding Frisk. But mere seconds later, he saw the snow, and the branches, and the trees. The icy grip of fear seized his very soul, and for a moment, he couldn't move.

"F-Frisk....." He tried to call out to the human as she moved deeper into the trees, but his voice seemed to freeze inside his bones. His feet suddenly remembered they could move, and the skeleton sprinted through the trees just as he heard a scream and a deafening roar. "FRISK!"

The human dodged around a tree, a huge monster barreling past, barely missing her place of shelter. She looked back at the creature, not sure what she was even looking at. All the monsters she had ever fought had attacked with their 'bullets', but this one had just charged and almost impaled her on the wickedly sharp horns sprouting from its head.

"Sans!" Frisk shouted, rushing to put more trees between herself and the monster.

"don't look back-keep running!" She heard Sans shout, and she heard the frightening sound of one of his Gasterblasters firing and the creature screaming.

The human rushed through the trees, ducking behind one. She panted heavily, her heart racing as she glanced back, barely able to see Sans through the trees. Frisk glanced around, trying to come up with some sort plan to help him. Sans wouldn't be able to last long, and if she didn't think of something-!

A loud snort made her freeze. Shivers raced down her spine as she slowly turned. Another creature stood behind her, mere feet away, it's face covered in bleeding cuts around the massive maw of jagged fangs. It stared straight back at her, and despite the glow of red, she saw no spark of intelligence in its eyes.

She didn't know if she moved first, or if it did, but it suddenly roared, and charged. The human spun on the heels of her red boots, and ran. It didn't matter where she was going-so long as it was away from that thing behind her!

But in her mad dash, she didn't realize she was running for the edge of the ridge, until it was too late. Her foot met open air, and she fell with a scream. She hit a tree branch, the limb snapping under her weight, dropping her the rest of the way down into the snow. She gasped as she landed, feeling something snap, ripping a cry from her lips.

Frisk gasped for air, trying to breathe through the pain slicing through her. A shadow passed over her, followed quickly by a heavy thud that shook the ground. The human turned her head, and felt her heart stop. The monster had jumped down after her.

She let out a scream of terror as she clawed at the snow, trying to get to her feet, but her right leg refused to move. The creature seemed to have the same issue, one of its legs bent awkwardly. Frisk gasped in pain as she pushed herself up, managing to get to her feet, or rather, onto one foot as her other one screamed in protest at any weight she put on it.

The human was able to stumble to a tree, clinging to it for support as she looked back, watching helplessly as the creature lumbered towards her, snarling. She squeezed her eyes shut. "SANS!"

A roar sliced through the chaos, everything growing still in its wake, as if the forest itself was holding its breath. There was a series of thunderous crashes. Looking up, Frisk saw several trees up on the ridge collapse and crash to the ground.

Frisk felt her breath catch in her throat, her eyes growing wide. It burst through the trees and snow like an explosion, leaping off the ridge and slamming into the ground as if it were a living avalanche. It even roared like one, with all the fury of a mountain.

As the snow cleared, Frisk finally got a good look at the thing, and felt as if the ground had dropped out from under her feet. It was a skeleton of sorts, but it wasn't even vaguely humanoid. If anything, it looked like a dragon, with clawed feet and sharp spikes sticking out of its spine and the near the tip of its tail. But the head looked far too familiar, and the blue glow in its eyes.....

Her gaze looked to its shoulders. Blue fabric and off-white fur, and  black shorts stretched taunt over its hip bones, and blue cloth and white shoestrings caught between its back toes. Her mind tried to piece everything together, to make sense of what she was seeing, but all she could focus on was the blood and dust coating its jaws and claws as it roared at the other monster.

Frisk flinched at the noise, her ears ringing as she watched the two square off. Heads lowered, their bodies crouched, ready to spring as they paced slowly back and forth, as if there were an invisible wall between them. They snarled and snapped their jaws, their teeth clacking loudly, hissing clear threats to one another.

The tension in the air was palpable. It seemed like anything would set off a chain reaction, that at the slightest provocation, they would clash. She swallowed hard, clutching the tree tighter, her nails digging into the bark through her mittens.

The first monster suddenly lunged, its teeth pointing straight out of its mouth like spears as it tried to charge on only three legs. The skeleton creature met it head on, opening its own jaws to lock their teeth together like deer hooking antlers. The charge instantly turned into a battle of strength. From its size alone, it didn't appear that the bone creature was all that powerful when it came to brute force, but to Frisk's surprise, as it violently swung its head, it flipped the other monster over onto its side, sending it sliding across the snow.

A fierce blue glow formed between its jaws, the hum of magical energy made Frisk's skin tingle. The jaws split in two, a blue beam of raw magic blasting forth like a laser, cutting through the other creature, and turning it to dust. It was just like Sans's Gasterblaster attack.

Frisk's remaining leg gave out, forcing her to sink into the snow. The movement jarred her right foot, snatching a sharp gasp from her throat. Instantly, the skeleton whipped around with a snarl, tail lashing like that of an angry cat. It's gaze landed on her, and Frisk felt the blood drain from her face.

She was next.

But its eyes left her to scan their surroundings, a soft growl constantly pouring from between its teeth. It suddenly froze, staring off into the distance, the growl growing slightly before it swung its skull back to Frisk. The human gulped, heart slamming against her ribs as it stomped over to her, its eyes fixed upon her.

She leaned back as it slowly lowered its skull, the growl reduced to a soft rumble, practically a deep purr. Frisk stared up at it, unable to stop the shaking of her limbs. "S-S-Sans......?" she breathed uncertainly.

The monster grunted, bobbing his skull, and slowly lowered his muzzle to touch his teeth carefully to her shoulder. She hesitantly raised a hand, and set it on the side of his jaw, stroking the smooth bone with her thumb, smudging the blood. "Y-you......I-I don't....."

Sans groaned, the sound mournful as he closed his eyes, pressing his muzzle against her torso. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around it, holding him as best as she could, wanting to comfort her friends. "Sans......."

The skeleton stiffened, and abruptly wiggled free, lifting his skull. His pupils dilated with a snarl before he leaned down, and grabbed the human in his massive jaws. Frisk gasped in surprise, her hands grabbing hold of his teeth, even as she felt the sharp points softly pressing against her flesh. He was barely holding her, but one twitch of his jaw, and he'd easily bite her into thirds.

He growled softly, the sound vibrating through her very bones as he turned, seemingly running off in a random direction.


Sans carefully ducked into a small cavern nearly hidden by bushes, his massive frame barely fitting inside as he gently set the human down. She wrapped her arms around herself, shivering hard enough to make her teeth chatter. The monster softly nudged her arm, then moved out of the cave.

"W-w-wait!" Frisk called as he disappeared. She tried to stand, only to gasp in pain at the slightest movement of her right leg. "S-Sans!"

A sudden roar made her jump, the noise echoing off the cave walls as she clapped her hands over her ears, trying to block it out. The sound slowly died, replaced by a series of loud crackling pops and snaps and noises of pain. A string of curses reached her ears as she pulled her hands away, along with the crunching of snow underfoot.

A skeleton hand grabbed a branch of the tall bush, and pushed it aside, revealing a worn and tired Sans. He smiling softly at her even as his canines slowly shrank from pointed fangs to his normal teeth, stained slightly from the blood that he must have cleaned off with snow. His shirt was nothing but tattered ribbons, the back of his hoodie shredded, and the scraps of his shoes were gone. Only his shorts seemed intact aside from a few snags in the stretchy fabric. "hey.....sunshine," he panted, and slowly stumbled over to her, dropping to his knees beside her, sweat dripping from his skull. " hurt?"

He slowly reached over, setting his hand gently on her knee, sliding it down towards her foot, applying a bit of pressure. As he reached her ankle, she jerked with a sharp inhale, grabbing his shoulder. He glanced at her, a blue aura covering his hand as he skimmed his fingertips over the area. "snapped your ankle, princess," he said, already seemed to get his breath back, having only to breathe in order to speak, but it was also a habit for Sans. "you'll be okay once we get home. Pap can fix you right up with a splint-he's good at first aid. Undyne taught him si-"

"Sans?" The skeleton flinched, and slowly turned to her, mentally preparing himself for the fear he'd surely see in her eyes, and for the rejection that was to follow. She had tears on her lashes, her hands reached out to shove him away-

Her fingers slipped between his ribs, and jerked him forwards, dragging him to her as she wrapped one arm around his neck. He could only stare ahead blankly as his arms robotically slipped around her, holding her lovingly. "I-I-I was-so-scared!" she hiccuped, her words coming out choppy and broken. "I-thought-you were-one-of them! I thought-you-were-g-gone!"

He blinked, and slowly tightened his embrace on her. "oh, sweetheart, thought i turned into a Beast that fast? it takes years to fully change."

"Then.....what h-happened-to you?"

He sighed, resting his skull against her head. "i.....have this power, to change into that form. it was a bit of an accident, really. when i was still working on trying to break the barrier, i thought i could increase my magic to get through. so i experimented on myself-long story short, one day-boom! i transform into this.....thing, and got stuck like that for a few days before i managed to turn back. not a lot of people know about it-just Papyrus, Alphys, Undyne, and Asgore. and now you, sunshine."

She sniffled, shivering as the tear streaks on her cheeks made her skin colder. "So you're okay? You're not gonna be like-"

"no," he cut in, his hand fisting in her hair. "i got too much that i care about to lose my mind like that. can't leave you all alone-took my eye sockets off you for two minutes and look at all the trouble you got into, Frisky."

Frisk shuddered, holding him tighter for a moment. He sighed, and shifted to sit behind her, pulling his jacket forward to wrap around her, zipping it up. "should have dressed warmer, sweetheart."

"I didn't expect to be out here long enough to need a jacket," she complained, snuggling comfortably into him. "Can you teleport us home?"

"not quite yet," he muttered. "i used up a lot of magic. it'll be a while before i'll be strong enough for that. i'm a bit of a slow recharger." He pulled his arms out of his sleeves to wrap around her torso, running his hands gently over her ribs and spine. "is anything else hurt?"

She cringed slightly. "I hit a branch when I fell, I think my side is bruised. Y-your hands are freezing!"

He chuckled, gently wrapping his arms around her. "sorry, princess. but i'm no good at keeping my hands to myself." The skeleton sighed again, resting his head on her shoulder. "i'll get you home soon, though. then we can go take a lot nap together. i'll even break out that fuzzy purple blanket you love so much."

She nodded slowly. "That sounds nice. But I won't make you sleep under the blanket. I know you don't like it, though I don't understand why...."

"it's overstimulating on my bones-takes away from feeling your skin," he murmured, stroking a hand down her arm. "flesh is so weird. it's soft and warm, pulsing in time with your heart. so cool."

Frisk blinked. "You......can feel my heartbeat?"

He nodded drowsily. "sometimes, when i'm still awake at night, i like to do this-" He placed his hand on her chest, his palm over her heart. "and count your heartbeats. makes it easier to sleep."

"By treating my heart like sheep?"

"by telling me you're alive and okay."

The human felt her cheeks warm slightly. She shifted a bit to cover her cheeks under the jacket, but he chuckled, the sound in his chest vibrating against her back. "i like the way it speeds up like that, too. bet your face is turning red, ain't it?"

"Sh-shut up about it," she mumbled, even as she snuggled her head against his skull. She was quiet for a moment, listening to the sound of Sans's breathing growing sluggish. She turned her head slightly, and kissed his cool cheekbone. "Thanks for saving me, by the way."

He chuckled softly, turning to touch his teeth to her forehead, the skeleton's version of a kiss. "nobody messes with my girl." The skeleton froze, silently cursing his tired mind for letting that slip out. He just had to hope she wouldn't understand what he really meant.

Frisk smiled, slipping her fingers between his inside the jacket, her heartbeat speeding up under his hand. "Glad to know you care so much."

He huffed, lightly shaking his head. "more than you know, sweetheart."

She closed her eyes with a sigh. "I was scared you were gonna get hurt." Her fingers tightened around his. "Sans......I can't lose you. Ever."

The skeleton buried his face in her hair, the locks like silk against his bones. "you got me wrapped around your finger, sunshine. you'll never get rid of me. ya' get what i'm saying?"

".....that you love me?"

Sans froze. "y-yeah, 'course i do. we all love-"

"No," she cut him off, turning her head more to look at him the best she could. "You love me like everyone else does. there more, Sans?" she asked, a hopeful tone in her voice.

He didn't answer, his face still buried in her hair. She looked away with a blush, embarrassment sweeping over her. Of course she'd been wrong. It was stupid to think the crush she'd had on him since she was a kid would have eventually turned into something more. Determination and wishful thinking only got one so far.

She had suddenly realized she was infatuated with him when she was about twelve. As part of a birthday present, he had taken her out to dinner, just the two of them, then took a shortcut to the top of the mountain to stargaze. He had wrapped his jacket around her as they had laid back on a blanket while he pointed out constellations and rambled off facts about stars. She remembered feeling like his 'special somebody' like in the anime movie she had recently watched with Alphys and Undyne-the person that made someone the happiest in the world by just being there.

Toriel had been quick to guess about it, and even sat her down to talk about it. Frisk had never been so embarrassed to talk with her mom in all her life! But the Boss monster had persisted, and she was forced to reveal her thoughts of the skeleton.

The goat-like monster had listened patiently, nodding occasionally. Then when Frisk had finished, she warned her that Sans was likely to never return her feelings, and that it was certainly just a little girl's crush that would go away over time. Frisk remembered feeling horrible after that, and promised herself not to ruin her friendship with Sans over something that wouldn't ever matter.

Over the years, she had kept her mouth shut, foolishly telling herself she was satisfied with his brotherly love and company, that she didn't really love him that way. She pretended she didn't want to call and text him all the time to tell him about the littlest and silliest things. She pretended not to hate every woman who flirted with him, that she wasn't angry and bitter when he playfully flirted back, that she couldn't speak to him for hours afterwards because it was all she could do not to scream or cry.

She pretended for years as a kid. But playing pretend ended when someone grew up. If her feelings hadn't faded, then didn't that mean they were real? After all, after the first time Sans had called her 'Sweetheart' she'd felt overjoyed, her heart wanting the simple nickname to mean so much more than what it had likely been intended to.

He sighed. "Frisk, i-" The skeleton jerks upright, then swiftly ducked out of the hoodie, rushing to the entrance. He froze, seemingly listening for something, then cursed under his breath. "it followed us!"

The human perked. "I-it? What followed us?!"

"another Beast! i hoped after moving and that territory roar it'd leave us alone." A distant roar echoed through the forest, finally reaching Frisk's ears. Sans clenched a hand. "i don't have enough magic to transform or teleport....."

The sound of cracked wood in the forest was quickly followed by a loud crash as a tree fell to the Beast's might. Frisk's pulse began to race, her hands trembling from something other than the cold. "What do we do?"

He shook his head, backing away from the entrance. "i can't carry you far or fast enough to get away, and you can't run, so even if i led it away, it'd just come back for you." The skeleton looked at her with a strange mixture of sadness and regret, but his eyes held no fear. He knelt beside her, gently cupping her face as he rested his forehead against hers. "the gods are punishing me for not saying something i should have said a long time ago."

"About your Beast form?" she guessed, feeling her cheeks grow warm and her heart race for a different reason.

He looked at her for a moment, their faces so close that all they could see was each other. It was like the universe outside of their little bubble no longer mattered, and if it was to suddenly end for them, then Frisk could be content with her last moment of peace being with him.

Sans slowly leaned forward, hesitating for a moment, then pushed on with a look of Determination. Frisk only saw it for a second, because then, Sans kissed her, bare teeth to chilled lips. But it didn't matter, the gesture itself was the greatest thing Frisk had ever felt. "i love you, Frisk."

He felt a weight being lifted from his very soul, replaced by a swelling joy and warmth that flooded through his bones. The skeleton became vaguely aware of the Beast drawing closer, tracking their scent through the woods, but all he could focus on was Frisk and the wonderful feeling inside of him. Despite the cold, he felt warm......he felt hot.

The realization dawned on him. His magic was literally blazing, pouring off of him and spreading across the cave floor like blue fire. He pulled out of the kiss, her eyes reflecting the light of his power, and the pieces of the strange puzzle connected.

Monsters were mostly magic and kindness, and their emotions held great sway over their powers. By letting his fear of rejection go, and relieving the stress of holding back his feelings, his magic found more than enough energy to burn like the sun itself.

Frisk stared in awe, her eyes wide. "S-Sans?"

He smirked, and pulled her into another kiss, ignoring the roar of the creature tearing across the snow towards their shelter. The skeleton's magic swirled around them like an iridescent whirlwind as the Beast's clawed foreleg reached inside, and slammed down. It's claws found only stone, the magic dispelling like azure smoke.


Frisk sighed as she laid on the couch, waiting for Papyrus to come back from the store with milk, claiming it was the last thing she needed to be 'utterly cured from bone-breakage'. She had tried to tell him that drinking milk wasn't actually going to repair her ankle, but he had already been out the door. Now she was left stuck on the couch with her ankle wrapped and propped up, and the remote was out of reach on the coffee table.

She looked up at the ceiling, running over the blur of activity that had happened. One minute she was on a cave floor, Sans leaning over her in a kiss, then they were falling into a snowbank a few yards away from the house. Sans hadn't explained any of it, and once he handed her over to Papyrus, he'd suddenly disappeared.

The human felt her stomach twist into a knot. Had he finally recharged the magic needed for a teleportation, then regretted his confession? Or worse, had he decided in their thought to be lasts moments to make her feel wonderful by saying what she wanted to hear? Neither one was a good option to think about.

Curse that remote for being too far away.

The TV suddenly clicked on, making her jump. Sans grinned down at her, the remote in his hand. He had another shirt on, and surprisingly his hoodie looked like new, even the old stains on the elbows were gone. "thought you might want a little background noise," he said as he sat down by the couch, resting an arm on it beside her. "how you feelin', princess? Pap's treatin' you like royalty now."

She looked at him, and folded her arms as she glared at the back of the couch. "You left."

He sighed. "yeah, i did," he agreed. "i needed a few minutes-had to rein myself in."

Frisk glanced at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"well you saw all that magic i was spoutin'," he stated. "i haven't ever had that much at once.....kinda scary how strong it was. i tore that Beast up like an angry crowd on a bad comedian. i still got a good amount leftover."

She perked, turning slightly as she tried to keep her leg still. "You killed that Beast?"

He chuckled darkly, his left eye blazing. "i told you-nobody messes with my Frisk."

The human blushed, her throat suddenly dry as she swallowed a lump. "So then......what you said in the cave-?"

The skeleton grabbed her hand, squeezing it gently. "i meant every word of it, princess. i......i don't know when exactly it happened but......geez, Frisk. you knocked me out and i didn't even notice." He winked. "guess it must have been a sucker punch."

She giggled, stroking her thumb over his boney fingers. "I feel the same way."

He nodded. "i know, my magic is proof of that."

The human frowned. "How?"

"monsters are greatly effected by their emotions, and to us, love is permanent-engraved into our very souls. no matter if we stop caring about somebody, we'll always have that love within us. so when we gain love, we become a lot stronger, because it......well, fuels us." He looked away, rubbing the back of his skull. "i suppose it's like nature's way of giving us the strength to defend those that are the most important."

Frisk reached out, turning his gaze back to her. "Speaking of strength to defend. Can I......I mean, could I......see it again?"

He blinked, then looked down bashfully. "w-well.....would you settle for a partial change? don't wanna break anything or rip my clothes up again."

"How did you fix your jacket?"

He grinned, his eye burning brighter, flames seeping from his socket as his skull began to change. "magic."

She watched the transformation, taking in the details. His fingers grew longer, the tips becoming claws as he seemed to get taller. A tail sprouted from his lower back as his feet became most animal-like. But his skull changed the most, looking identical to his Gasterblasters.

He sighed as his bones stopped creaking and crackling, closing his eyes for a moment. Frisk slowly sat up, mindful of her sore side, and placed her hand on the side of his new muzzle. "You look....really cool," she admitted. "Does it still hurt?"

"not after it stops," he chortled, and rested his head on the couch as he let her fingers explore his new face. A rumble escaped him, enjoying the softness of her skin. "you're gonna put me to sleep, princess."

She giggled, and leaned down, kissing his forehead. "Well, I don't exactly fit the part, but since you call me 'princess' a lot, does that make us......Beauty and the Beast~?"

Sans chuckled, and gave her a wink. "beauty is in the eye socket of the beholder, and to be frank with you-" He pulled a hotdog out of his pocket, and set it on top of her head. "you look perfect to me."
The Beast within the Monster
While looking for flowers for Asgore deep in Snowdin woods, Frisk and Sans find danger, magic, and romance

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

The story belongs to me
Baby Teeth

Frisk yelped, hand flying to her mouth as she dropped her burger. Everyone at the table jerked in surprise, looking at the human. "Frisk, are you okay?" Toriel asked, setting a hand on the child's back.

She nodded, and reached into her mouth, cringing as she pulled something out. Her eyes widened as she held it up. "Mom look-it finally came out!"

Toriel gasped. "Oh my child, you lost your tooth!" she exclaimed, slightly clapping her hands. "I'm so excited for you!"

Papyrus's eye sockets went wide. "EXCITED?! TORIEL-THE HUMAN IS LOSING BONES!" He jumped up, nearly knocking the table over, and would have if even in his stunned state Sans hadn't steadied it. "GRILLBY! WE NEED SUPERGLUE, TAPE, CEMENT! ANYTHING STICKY!"

"Papyrus-sit down!" Toriel scolded. "You are making a scene. You can't just stick a tooth back in."

Frisk looked to Sans, who hadn't stopped staring, and smiled, revealing the gap where the tooth used to be. He shuddered. "you gonna be okay, kid?"

She nodded. "Yeah, now I get money from the Toothfairy!"

Papyrus blinked. "TOOTH WHAT?"

Toriel perked. "Oh, I forgot. Not all monsters lose their teeth as they grow," she said. "You wouldn't know about the Toothfairy, then."

Sans finally tore his gaze away from Frisk, and looked to Toriel. "enlighten us if you will. just losing teeth ain't right, Tori."

"For some creatures it is," she said, petting Frisk's head. "See, this is a baby tooth. They fall out so bigger adult teeth can grow, so Frisk won't always be missing a tooth."


"It's the Toothfairy," Frisk corrected. "She comes into your room at night when you're asleep and takes your tooth and leaves behind money. But only if you have really nice teeth. I haven't ever got any before, but Mom says this is the prettiest one she's ever seen!"

Toriel giggled, hugging the child. "It most certainly is."

Papyrus looked to his brother, and Sans looked to him. "BROTHER, DO YOU FIND THIS STRANGE?"

"oh yeah, bro. breaking in and stealing teeth? sounds 'tooth' weird to me."

Baby Teeth
A quick one scene one-shot where Sans and Papyrus find out about how humans and other monsters lose their baby teeth.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

The story belongs to me
This has gone to the dogs.

Papyrus knocked on the door to Alphys's lab, and glanced to his brother. "I WONDER WHAT MIGHT BE WRONG," he said. "ALPHYS SOUNDED IN A PANIC-BUT THEN AGAIN, SHE OFTEN DOES, I THINK."

"i dunno, bro. something might have blown up and she needs help cleaning stuff up," Sans replied nonchalantly. Though he was pretty concerned himself even if he didn't let it show. Frisk had been with Undyne earlier, and the fish-woman always came by to see Alphys when she had Frisk.

The door opened, revealing the shaking lizard monster. She gulped, and beckoned them inside, then locked the door behind them. "Th-thank you f-for coming so fa-fast," she stammered, glancing around nervously and visibly sweating. "I-I-I.......oh dear-I'm s-so sorry!"


She whined, clutching her head. "I should have been watching!"

Sans stepped forward, his pupils vanishing. Something sent a chill through his bones, telling him something wasn't right. "Alphys," he said, his voice low and serious. "where's Frisk?"

The scientist coward, tears in her eyes behind her glasses. She raised a shaking hand, pointing at the door further back in the lab. The skeleton turned, and walked briskly down the hall as Alphys fell to her knees. Papyrus glanced at the scientist, but followed his brother, knowing Sans didn't get serious-or walk that fast-unless something important was going on.

Sans opened the door, and paused as he saw Undyne on her hands and knees, reaching under the couch on the far side of the room. She jerked up, turning towards them. "Finally-I need some help. She won't come out, and I'm about ready to just flip the couch!"

The skeleton shot her a look, not a challenge, but a warning, and knelt down to peer under the couch. "UNDYNE, WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED?" Papyrus asked. "WHY IS THE HUMAN HIDING?"

She sighed, sitting back on the floor, resting an elbow on her knee, and her forehead in her hand. "We were in the lab and I walked out to get Nice Cream while Frisk was helping Alphys with this experiment-something about separating and reforming cells from Greater Dog, I think. But when I was coming back, I heard a crash and it was a beaker of that goo she was working with that fell off the counter." She sighed, closing her eye. " got all over the kid and-"

"damn!" Sans breathed. "what the hell?!"


His brother jerked him down, and pointed under the sofa. The taller skeleton turned his head sideways as he pressed his cheekbone to the floor, and gasped. "F-F-FRISK?! HUMAN, YOU'RE-NOT HUMAN!"

Frisk whined softly, the sound oddly canine, for on her head was a pair of brown and white puppy ears, and her hands with anthropomorphic dog paws. Sans slowly reached out his hand, holding it out to her. "c'mere, kid," he coaxed. "let's get a look at ya' and see what we're dealing with."

She perked, and sniffed at his fingers, then slowly wiggled her way out. Sans immediately pulled her into his laps, getting a better look. Most of her skin was covered in white and brown fur, leaving only most of her face clear with a strip of white fur along her cheeks. Her hands and feet were both more like paws-her feet more than her hands, but she at least still had her thumbs. The ears were pointy and stood up on top of her head through her hair, but the right one flopped over at the tip. Finally, poking out from underneath the back of her shirt, a tightly curled poofy tail.

Sans's hands shook slightly as her gently cupped her cheek. "oh.....kiddo....." He slowly pulled her closer, resting her forehead on hers as she whined like a dog.


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Toriel asked, petting Frisk's head as the puppy-human wiggled her way into her lap. "What if something else happens?"

"Tori, don't worry about it," said Sans, sitting next to her. "Frisk'll be just fine here with us. we just have to wait a few days for the stuff to wear off, and it's better if we watch her since it'll be the two of us here to keep an eye socket on her."

She sighed, and drew Frisk into a hug, earning a few licks to her nose from the affectionate child. "Alright....then, just be careful and call me if anything happens." She kissed the top of Frisk's head. "Be good, my child."

"course, Tori," he assured her as she reluctantly set Frisk down as she stood. She soothingly pet the child's head, and left. Frisk whined, her ears drooping, staring at the door. "hey, it's gonna be okay, buddy. c'mere, pal."

The skeleton drew the puppy-human to his side, chuckling as she wedged herself firmly to his side as if she would have like to crawl up into his ribcage. He gently petted her hair, trying to avoid her new ears. "you're gonna change back soon, you just hang there, okay? and me and Pap, we'll be here the whole time until you're back to normal. everything's gonna work out."

She whimpered, crawling onto his lap as she set her paw-like hands on his shoulders, looking at him expectantly. He cocked his head. "whatcha want, kid?" he asked. She hopped down, standing a bit unsteadily on her new feet, yet somehow managed to all but dash into the kitchen. "ah, hungry already?"

He slipped off the couch and followed them into the kitchen. After heating it up, Sans set a bowl of-what else-leftover spaghetti on the table as Frisk climbed into a chair. "okay, kid, let's see if this batch is any good," he said, handing her a fork.

She frowned uneasily as the utensil, and awkwardly dug it into the pile of noodles, then lifted the fork to her mouth. She felt the heat of the pasta near her lips, and could all but taste the sauce-the fork slipped out of her hand, clattering against the bowl. Whining, she looked to Sans, who could only shrug. "dog monsters tend to have an issue with grasping small things like silverware. you might have to figure something else out."

The puppy-human tilted her head, one ear flopping completely flat against the top of her head. He chuckled. "try using your face, kid. you are part dog at the moment. why not enjoy it? they get away with a lot of stuff-especially cute puppies."

Frisk perked, both ears standing straight up before the right one flopped over near the tip. She glanced at the bowl, and pulled the fork out, dropping it on the table before diving into the bowl. Sans chuckled, having thought she'd never go for it so easily, but apparently a hungry puppy-human wasn't about to waste time getting food in her mouth.

He watched as she gobbled the spaghetti up so fast he was sure that that was the only reason she got it down-there was no way she had even tasted it. When she finally raised her head and looked at him, Sans doubled over in laughter. "oh, kid! y-your face!" he cackled. Stray bits of noodles and sauce smeared her face, the white fur on her cheeks turned orange. But she smiled, revealing pointy dog teeth before wiping her paws over her face and licking the remanence of her meal off.


"OKAY, FRISK, ARE YOU READY IN THERE?" He took the answering yip as a 'yes', and opened the bathroom door. Frisk wore a yellow one-piece bathing suit as she stood by the tub full of bubbles and warm water, wagging her tail. "AW-YOU LOOK SO CUTE! YOUR TAIL IS LIKE A FURRY CINNAMON ROLL!"

Frisk glanced back at her tail, and perked, reaching for it as she spun in a circle, trying to catch it. The skeleton laughed, and scooped her up, lowering her into the bath. "DON'T WANT TO GET DIZZY, HUMAN," he said, and grabbed a washcloth, scrubbing gently behind her ears. "TORIEL SAYS TO BE SURE TO GET YOU SQUEAKY CLEAN, SO THATS WHAT WE'LL DO."

The puppy-human panted, leaning eagerly into the touch. Under the water, her leg began to twitch, and then started to thump, splashing water everywhere. Papyrus yelped in surprise as he was splashed, bubbles clinging to his skull. "AH, A WATER WAR, IS IT? VERY WELL, HUMAN, BUT KNOW I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WILL NOT GO EASY ON YOU!"

Sans glanced up from the physics book in his hands as he sat at his desk, notes and formulas scattered out in front of him. A ruckus had broken his concentration. What was going on out there?

Getting up from the desk, he opened his door, poking his skull out. A lump of bubbles darted out of the bathroom, and raced for the stairs. A moment later, Papyrus slid out, holding a towel. "WAIT-YOU'RE STILL WET! COME BACK HERE, YOU SILLY THING!"

Sans blinked, then chuckled, closing his door.

Frisk panted excitedly as she ran into the kitchen, glancing back to see how close Papyrus was. She ran straight into the awaiting towel. "well look who's all 'bubbly' tonight," said Sans, picking her up as he rubbed her dripping head with a corner of the towel. "might need to change your name to 'Frisky' if you stay this excited."

She barked, wagging her tail in response.


Once the brothers managed to get Frisk dry-which involved a hairdryer, and pinning a squirming puppy-human down as she tried to attack the hot air blowing at her face-they got her dressed in her pajamas and aided her in brushing her teeth. That ended with all three of them laughing as Frisk tried not to swallow the toothpaste foam or giggle at the brush's bristles tickling her apparently sensitive gums.

Sans patted her head as he wiped her mouth clean. "okay, kiddo, scurry off to bed. i'll be right behind ya'." She wagged her tail, and darted out of the bathroom. He chuckled, and rinsed off her toothbrush as Papyrus wiped up a bit of toothpaste off the floor. "well, that was fun. who knew brushing Frisk's teeth would be that hilarious?"


"let her have some fun, Pap, this ain't easy on her." Sans set the toothbrush in the holder, and picked up his hoodie, which he had left on the counter to avoid getting it covered in puppy spit. "i'll see you in the morning, bro."

The tall skeleton sighed, continuing to clean up the aftermath. "GOOD NIGHT, BROTHER. TELL FRISK SWEET DREAMS FOR ME."

When Sans entered his room, he was only partly surprised to see Frisk darting around the room, chasing the paper balls that he had thrown onto the floor while working on his notes earlier. She growled as she pounced on a pile of the wadded up paper, swatting at them and sending them rolling across the floor as she tried to catch them.

He chuckled, tossing his hoodie onto the floor before kicking his slippers off. "c'mon, kid, time for bed." His iris glowed as he levitated a paper ball in front of her nose, and threw it into his bed, grinning as dove after it. "well that's one way to jump into bed."

Frisk looked to him, chewing on the paper as she held it between her paw-like hands. He turned off the light, and moved over to the bed, sitting down beside her. The skeleton gently pried the ball away, and laid down, patting his chest to coax her into laying down. Frisk eagerly flopped down into her, resting her head on her hands as she snuggled close.

Sans reached up, softly stroking her ear between his boney fingers. It felt soft and warm, and as he watched, the more he played with it, the more Frisk's eyes drooped. He chuckled softly, laying his hand on her back as he closed his eyes. "g'night, buddy."

It seemed like he had just began to drift, everything being quiet and still-save for the trash tornado, or course. His limbs were feeling heavy, his constant grin relaxing on his face.


Sans jerked upright, his iris burning like a blue flame in his skull, illuminating the dark room. He whipped his head around, looking for the source of the noise. His gaze fell on Frisk, sitting by his door, ears twitching. "kid? what are you-?"


The skeleton cringed at the shrill volume of the noise. "Frisk," he grumbled. "buddy, knock it o-"


"SANS!" Papyrus shouted, opening his door. "WHAT IS THAT HORRIBLE SOUND?!"

Frisk darted past his legs, running downstairs as Sans got up. "doggy long distance phone calls?" he guessed. "i dunno, she just started howling."


"doubt it. she was just laying down with no problem."



Sans sighed, and crossed over to the railing, looking down into the living room. Frisk stood by the door, whining and wedging her nose against the edge, inhaling deeply. As if knowing he was watch, she turned to him, whimpering loudly.

It suddenly clicked. "ah, now i see," he stated.


"kid misses Tori," he said simply. "she's calling for 'Mom'."


Sans chuckled. "yeah, bro. she'd definitely miss you quick-we all would."


Papyrus yawned as he stood at the stove, rubbing an oven-mitten covered hand over his face as he tried to wake up fully. Frisk had kept them up most of the night, howling or running around the house, seemingly unable to settle down. But breakfast still had to be made, and nobody could make it as well as the Great Papyrus!

He squinted as he read over the instructions, and smashed two eggs into a bowl, the shells cracking open on top of the flour. "HMM, THIS NEEDS SOMETHING.......OH!" He opened the fridge and grabbed a jar of his homemade spaghetti sauce, and dumped it into the bowl. "THESE'LL BE THE BEST PANCAKES EVER!"

The tall skeleton grabbed a cup, and stretched up high to get water from the sink. Something jerked on his leg, nearly knocking him off balance. "WHAT THE-?" He gasped. "SAAAAAANS!"

Sans slid into the kitchen, recognizing the urgency in his brother's voice. He expected the stove to be on fire, or for the faucet to be broken and flooding the place. But what he saw......

He collapsed on the floor, howling in laughter.


Frisk looked up, having popped the tall skeleton's leg off to chew on. Sans managed to stand and pick the puppy-human up, tucking her under his arm as he handed his brother back his leg. "sorry, Pap," he chortled. "this kid is making me 'barking' mad!"



"not so hard, pal," Sans coaxed, letting Frisk lightly chew on his boney fingers. Mostly it was him rubbing her tender gums. He'd taken a look at her mouth about a week ago after she had stolen Papyrus's leg, and found out that she was 'teething'. Despite having all her teeth, like all young dogs, she still had the urge to gnaw on something. Admittedly it was a little gross, wedging his fingers into her saliva-filled mouth, but it was better than listening to her pitiful whines of discomfort.

He didn't have the heart to let her suffer-actually he literally didn't have a heart, but that was material for a joke for another time. Every once in a while she'd pin his fingers between her teeth and slowly apply pressure, but never too much, and tended to just grit her teeth, but Sans tried to keep her from doing so as it wasn't good for her teeth. He rubbed gentle circles above her canines, using one arm to keep her from slipping off the couch as she started going limp. "that feel better, buddy?" he asked, pulling his fingers free.

Frisk shivered, and shook herself, then licked her lips before nodding. "good," he replied, petting her head. "then go get ready for a bath. i gotta get the back-up bubble bath from under the sink."

The puppy-human nodded, and hopped off the couch, hurrying up to the bathroom. Sans watched her go, then sighed. It had been a week since Frisk had been transformed, and there was no signs of it reversing anytime soon.

At least they had finally learned how exactly it had happened. Apparently when Alphys had looked away, Frisk had brought a beaker of the test fluid she'd made, and when the two had bumped into each other, the beaker had splashed into Frisk. The human wasn't even suppose to have been touching anything, but being the ever helpful Frisk, she'd tried to bring it to the scientist.

But the result was still the same. Frisk was still part dog. Sans sighed again, dropping his skull into his hands, wishing he knew how to fix the child. He had looked into it, but it would take months to backtrack Alphys's work to the point he could start working on a cure.

"Sans!" The skeleton jerked, and whipped around, looking to the top of the stairs. His pupils widened as Frisk rushed down, fur literally falling off her limbs, her tail already missing. "Look at me!"

He blinked a few times, then laughed as he stood, wrapping his arms around her as she threw herself at him. "'dog gone', kid!" he chortled. "look at you, shedding so much hair i might have a new jacket!"

She giggled, hugging him tight, her hands returning to normal. "I'm gonna be okay now?"

He nodded, chuckling softly. "yeah, kid. you're gonna be just fine."
This has gone to the dogs
A little idea I had for when Frisk is accidentally turned into a monster and how the skele-bros handle it. This is also the first time Alphys appears in any of my one-shots.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

The story belongs to me~


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